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Born in spring, my name means Spring. I love poetry in all its forms. / The word poetry derives from the Latin feminine noun poetria,...

Pink Panther, Issue 20

Please take a look at the latest issue of Pink Panther Magazine.

Issue 20 celebrates the voice within women’s heArt. The art and poetry in this edition explores the vital places within women where inspiration and individual testimony infuse creativity. It will leave you wondering what the next chapter of herSTORY is.

Lisa Murphy, PPM’s newest feature artist, invites us into her creative processes in this issue and reveals her points of inspiration in an exclusive interview and gallery collection.

Issue 20 includes a mini art feature that showcases the works of Kanchan Mahon and helen ruiz. For the first time, PPM is featuring a personal narrative essay, written by Joanne Carota, which has been illustrated with photos by Dara Hurt.

Journal Comments

  • Alison Gilbert