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A taste of Halloween 2012 in Derry

I bring you a slideshow of photographs taken on the streets of Derry on Halloween night 2012.


This would be best viewed at full screen. Hit that box [   ] icon – bottom right of the video!

Halloween is always a big night in Derry. It started taking off, during the worst of times in the 70s and 80s, simply from ordinary Derry people dressing up and wandering the streets. Gradually the City Council got on board, organised official events and facilitated the craziness.

Now on any Halloween night Derry will have tens of thousands of people on the streets. Many of them dressed up – some in very elaborate costumes – some of the best co-ordinate a theme with a bunch of their friends, some will just have a witch’s hat or face-mask.

There is an official carnival parade, a night-time market with all sorts of food-stalls, a firework display over the river, live music and performers in the streets and every cafe and pub is packed to the doors and open until late.

We went home early. The real Halloween party-people stayed up all night! So this video is just a little taste of the sort of things that happen at Halloween in Derry.

There are links to a few photographs below.

    "How do you get to Sesame Street?"     A photograph of a band playing live on stage in Derry on Halloween night     A photograph of musicians playing live on stage in Derry on Halloween night     visit a Derry Halloween fireplay photograph     visit a Derry Halloween fireplay photograph    

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