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The World Wide Panorama Project (updated May 2010)

Each quarter the World Wide Panorama Project (WWPP) creates a snapshot of the world in panoramic form, over a particular week.
It started in 2004 as a voluntary effort hosted by the Geography Department of Berkley College, University of California. About a year or so ago it spun off as an independent website administered by a not-for-profit company.
The aim of WWPP is simply to promote and publicise panoramic photography. It does so by organising an event, once every three months in which photographers are invited to each submit a single panoramic image. Each panorama has to have been taken over a particular weekend, and fit within that quarter’s theme.
Within a week or so of the shooting weekend, the panoramas are assembled onto the website creating a record, a “global moment” with each panorama located in its place on the globe.
The themes we have covered included such things as: Performing Arts, Time, Gardens, Sustenance, Atmosphere, Transportation, Borders, Energy, Marketplace and about fifteen other themes.
We get many different interpretations of the theme with much ingenuity and creativity. It is a collaborative effort of mutual support and promotion in which each photographer freely contributes a single image and in return they may link to their personal website in order to promote their own related work. Each quarter the event as a whole receives about a million website visitors.
In order to participate the photographer needs to shoot the raw materials for the panorama during the appropriate dates and then upload by the deadline. There is an associated Yahoo discussion group and one needs to register as a contributor. The logistics are all laid out on the WWP website, the next theme will be “Forgotten Places”. The shooting for this event must be done in the week 19th June – 27 June 2010. The final stitched panoramic image must be submitted by 30th June 2010.
I am sure there are other photographers here who would enjoy participating so I have written this up as a journal entry.

Journal Comments