The Interruption

The phone rings. Ignore it. Focus on the task at hand. Must get the job done. Focus. Incessant noise, why don’t people leave me alone! Fingers back to the keyboard, eyes to the monitor, thoughts back to the topic. Unleashed. Write a story. Unleashed. What can I write about…<br/> And that annoying phone sound comes back . Piercing thought process, breaking the barrier and invading creative head space. I grunt just slightly, look over at the offending noisemaker. No. Go away. Leave me in peace. Ring back. .<br/> Silent conversation with a person on the other end of the unanswered call.<br/> Go away.<br/> Leave me alone.<br/> Focus.<br/> Unleashed. A letting go. An act of freedom. <br/> Reach for a smoke. Sip of coffee. Sit back and relax. Somehow the exhale of the smoke allows a feeling of peace. Imaginary of course. Denial of self damage. I should quit. Guilt invades for a moment. Shouldn’t hurt my body. <br/> The smoke is forming vague patterns. Interesting. Unleashed. Smoke unleashed.>Mmmm an idea perhaps? And a ringing pierces the unfinished thought.<br/> The phone.<br/> Again.<br/> Getting angry now.<br/> LEAVE ME ALONE!! I scream silently at the persistent one.<br/> It keeps going. I stand up, giving in to answering just to cease the constant interruption. Guess it might be urgent, whoever that is has rung a few times now.<br/> I am beyond irritated.<br/> Whoever this is had better have a good excuse to interrupt my creative time!.<br/> Hello? Politeness not considered, I almost scream into the handset.
Good evening Sir, I am calling on behalf of a company who….<br/> Who are you? I’m angry now. A salesperson? .<br/> Sir, I’m just wondering if I could have a few….<br/> You can have a few of my swearwords you inconsiderate leech of time, how dare you interrupt me in the middle of my work!.<br/> Sorry Sir.<br/> Sorry crap you’re sorry, don’t ever ring me back!.<br/> Slam. Hurts my hand but I don’t care. Indignantly I continue the conversation to the invisible salesperson. .<br/> A monologue of anger and abuse combined with vigorous pacing round an imaginary enemy..<br/> How dare you interrupt me,do you realize how important it is to me to enter this competition? Do you have ANY idea how long it has taken me to sit down at a quiet peaceful time, in the right frame of mind to start even thinking about the topic? You self centred, uncaring bastard! Frustration and anger exploding now. .<br/> No holding back. .<br/> Unleashed as it were. .<br/> But that ironic connection fails me. .<br/> Anger has taken over. No rationale, no creativity, no focussed thoughts..<br/> I swing my arm into the air, fully intending to smash the table. .<br/> Ouch. Fist collides with timber. That hurt. Hurt a lot. Settle down..<br/> Focus.<br/> I sit, leg twitching up and down with nervous enegy..<br/> Frown at the monitor..<br/> People invading my precious creative time. How dare they..<br/> Head hurts..<br/> Need panadol now..<br/> Oh forget it..<br/> Just can’t think now. Unleashed. Could have written a nice piece had that person not interrupted me. Could have entered something decent.
Can’t do it now. Won’t be able to concentrate. Motivation’s gone..<br/> Unleashed.<br/> Forget it. I’ll go and unleash some energy and go for a walk..<br/> There will be other competitions I guess.
I get up..<br/> The computer screen stares at me with one word..<br/> Unleashed..<br/> There is my entry. I stare at it for a moment. .<br/> Unleash myself of the need to write an entry. Right. Let’s go out..<br/> Unleashed I exit the room. .<br/> And leave behind one lonely word on a silent screen..<br/> Unleashed.

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