Dear Diary.....I am me again!

Dear Diary…..I am me again!

After a few months on the lamb from the Bubble I have made a triumphant return. I am finally back home in Canada after travelling around Australia, New Zeland and Thai Land and have set up shop in my parents basement like a common troll.

Oh ya and did i mention that i am working at a local pizza join for some cash? As quickly as the novelty of living with my parents at the age of 24 wore off my creative dam burst onto my blank photoshop page.

As fun as travelling was, the only thing i didn’t like was not being able to stay in the same place long enough to get any of my ideas out of my head and onto the page. But it did give me alot of time to think of ideas and how to exacute them wich in turn made the creation of “post mortem” possible.

I finally have my scanner back! witch is like getting my left arm back. I feel complete again and am excited and egar to start working on this back-log of ideas and start uncrumbeling all the scraps of napkins and cigarette packages with little scribbelings on them and start making ART!

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