Woman!....Wheres my Super suit?!

Ahh I love Tuesdays… I get payed and I have Wednesdays off

Needles to say I made a investment in a slab of Carlton draft, and curled up with some DVD’s. Me and my mate Wes relived a old sleeper from the late 90’s..does anybody remember a movie called “The Frightners” , with our old buddie M. J, fox , directed by Peter Jackson and the score was done by the same dude that did “BeatleJuice’s” music. And i must say it was pretty good. I remember seeing it when it first came out. but not since. So it was totaly worth it to revist.

At the crack of 1pm the next moring we managed to make our way to see the “PIXAR 20yrs of animation” exhibit at the ACMI. it was pretty killer but not really worth the 15$ for its size. but im still glad i went. and there were free movies going on too. Then we topped that off with a bad round of KFC for
lunch and Kariokie at the “Pint on Punt” for a night cap. all and all it was a pretty solid day off. And i strongly suggest checking out the PIXAR show if only to get your picture taken with the life size Sully from monsters INC.

Verne OUT!

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