A big day for Verne

The time….11:35pm on saturday night

While all my friends are out drinking I seize this opportunity to put the finishing touches on my latest creation. I crack the top on a Ice cold Carliton draft, read the trivia on the cap and add it to the stack so it can be with its 5 other friends.

I have been working on this thing over the coarse of the last month and a half at work in complete secrecy at the office during work time. mainly becasue my laptop keeps crashing everytime I try to alter something in this 1Gig file. I can tell its finaly finished becasue i can stare at it on the screen and nothing is bothering me about it. After nudging a few objects left or right and adding my boarder..i sit back and bask in its glory. I guess the real test will be in the morning when im sober and well rested. …. I just hope my sister likes it

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