It's been a while since i last bubbled

It has been many moons since i last bubble around, mainly because i no longer reside in Mebourne, i have moved on to thailand!…and along my journys i have come up with many ideas, so many in fact that there is a whole pocket in my backpack fillede with scribbles on little pieces of paper,napkins,beer bottle lables and chunks of my cigarette package, but alas i have no time to sit down and exacute them and transform them from jumbled picturtes in my head to a lovley clean document in photoshop…..soon enough tho

Thanks to everyone that has actually paid money for my work it truley blows my mind that someone would like my stuff enough to shell our some cash for it eventho its only 3$ hehe. it really means alot. and I will continue to turn out some new peices but it might have to wait till im back in canada and livingin my parents basment like a common troll.

so please dont give up on Verne for i have not givin up on the bubble



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