Sorry I'm Late Jim...

At long last I have completed another piece for my Bubble…now i have a wopping 5!, slowly but shirly im building it up. But i guess its really about quality not quanitity. well lets hope that i have at least one of these by the time I leave Melbourne. Its only been in the last year that i have really holmed my photoshop skills and found a style thats all my own..i hope.

When I take a step back and look at the 5 orb6 peices i have done I can see some unifying elements yet they are all different and distinctive in their own way. I dont want to become a artist that is constantly chaising to re-create one or 2 peices that are great. Much like the one hit wonders of the music industry. I dont want a smash hit single i want a record (or in this case a portfolio) that you dont mind listening to (looking at) the whole thing more then once.

Verne OUT!

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