Becoming a new member of Redbubble

A friend I nicknamed Goddess because she is beautiful inside and out,
recommended this website to me. This is the first site where members have
actually commented on my work and what I do for a living.

I am really enjoying myself on this site, thank you so much members for
making me feel welcome.

I am battling a cold at the moment, it takes longer for me to get better because
I am diabetic. I have been diabetic for fifteen years. I am on insulin. Without
insulin, I would die in six months. I feel like I am living with a sword over my
head, but I won’t let it stop me enjoying my life and being one of the best
counsellors for women around. I have received many thank you cards through
the years. I have trained young girls from high school to university to be counsellors.
I am not boasting but I believe in doing my best for my fellow sisters. They
deserve it, after all the challenges we as females have to face in life.

Any experience or challenge a woman can go through, being there, done that,
It has given me so much empathy and understanding for others.
I have a strong belief that out of the bad comes good.
Life has made me one hell of a strong woman, that’s the pay off if you don’t
let challenges beat you.

Every time I went through a challenge, I felt very guided by God and my
guardian angels to the answers. Now I share my knowledge and help
women back onto their feet. It really helps that I am psychic too.

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