Whoda Thunk ???

Such a smile I received today. I joined a pipe forum and found out one of the guys I have been sharing with who I think is a very cool dude. Well he is having an exhibition of his art in S. Africa.. Never knew he was an artist.. I so enjoy his work.. Take a peek…


A Message To My Friend Rachel

Mankind will send off their children for the wars to die to save What ?? Life is for the living they think.. We must learn to take care of each other and not be so selfish.. Life is simple really.. Roof over our heads , Food in our stomachs, Someone who loves us is all we really need.. It seems to be distractions which flood our news and lives.. If we put our needs in proper order we could rid ourselves of wars and famine. Take the money out of leadership and greed out of economy and hire people with common sense and rid ourselves of fools.. What better world could we ask for.. Thanks for being real…

Get Some Facts... Our Earth

So many things in the news.. This one does not seem to make the hello pages.. But it is such important information.. Some will think well I shall not be confused with the facts.. That is too bad.. Read this site and pass it around if you have the time..

What Could Happen

Talk About Having A Good Day !! ( Sold 2 Canvas Prints )

Okay BIG SMILE.. My Wife and I just got back from helping the neighbors bail up a bunch of hay bails today.. Good hard work.. Made my day to help another and get a good workout too.. Then I came back to check out your great works on RB and found out some body bought 2 Canvas Prints from our site on RB.. Now that is casting your bread out on the waters if I ever saw it.. I hope this works on the pics n links.. Its been a time.. I am sitting here with a smile inside and out.. It’s the little things you know.. Thank you for whom ever wanted these works.. I hope they bless your wall at home..

Natures Smiles Darker Background and Petals of Lotus…

The Last Day Lotus ( Featured ) Big Smile

A nice way to start my morning.. Heading to the gym and thought I would check RB .. That and a cup of Joe.. Waterlily,Lotus and Hydrangea Group thought to show The Last Day Lotus.. It has some wonderful images of beautiful flowers.. So I am on a happy note for the morning.. Chuck

The Group

Found The Fix To View RedBubble.. Yahoooooo

I did not give up.. After many attempts to fix my Hughes Net Satellite service so I could view all of Redbubble to no avail.. I just happened to search google and found this fix.. I did the adjustments and saved them.. Now I am on RB and everything works.. Time to get my camera going.. I was so bummed for months.. Here is the copy of the fix.. Please if you know anyone who has Hughes Net and can’t reach RB send them this info.. I was lucky to find it.. Heading to the gym with a smile on my face. Will be back in touch with all whom I have missed so..

Hughes Net Work Around ??

After working with HughesNet for an hour on the phone today, I discovered a workaround to two different issues.
1) Could not upload pics larger than 700K
2) Could not even get to the website today! The rest of the

On Top Of The World

Well it finally happened.. I am now on a Dish Net service out in the sticks.. No more dial up.. My upload speed has increased by 10 times.. My download speed is 1mb per sec… Since 1995 I have been on dial up.. connecting on a lucky day at 37.4 kbps.. I’m smoking now.. I can view all you wonderful RB people so much faster now and then get out and do some camera work.. I am so very very happy.. Just wanted to share with those whom have listen to me rant off and on about dial up.. Big Smiles..


I remember a time not so long ago. I watched her play and watched her grow. Then one day there came a time. She gave us a gift her child this time. When I grow old moving slower and gray. I will always remember our gift this way…

William (Chuck ) Rewalt

From Dad

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