first bubbly impressions

it’s been roughly a week since i first found out about redbubble and thought i could put some random babbling in here to test the journal function finally.

i must say i’m impressed – first of all there’s a lot of quality art on this platform. and wow, i didn’t expect it to be such an active community. i was both totally happy when the first comments and faves started to roll in and sad about me being totally stressed out at the moment, having no time to retaliate – but i will, for sure. thank you all so much for the kind words and favs so far!!!

only uploaded a tiny bit of my stuff yet, there’s a lot more to come – but no time to dig through the ‘archives’ right now. well i tend to be quite active over fall and winter – also i just got myself a great new flash (sb-800, highly recommended!) and have a lot of playing around ahead… all those new possibilities…oh joy! :)

again, thanks for the kind words!

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