This is my first venture in the process of both
critiquing the art of others, and sharing my own “art” if I may be so bold. I have always had a passion and love for photography, and I know what I like and do not like. As a person whom loves art and tries to collect, I will never and have never done so to be what i like to call “THE NET-WORTHLESSLY MOTIVATED COLLECTOR” As a self-employed futures trader in Chicago for the last 24 years (yes people in the actual “Pit”), the lay person has no concept of the world traders live in. With a failure rate of about 98.4% there is no rhyme nor reason, why those that have made it vary from Rhodes scholars to road workers. Trust me, its true and I haven’t got the time or motivation to bullshit. It is often said that money can’t buy you this or that, can’t buy you hap-pi…… bull FC’N shit. I see plenty of loud mouthed, fat-headed no concept of any type of style, culture tact decorum, smack talk, loving the sound of their own voice piss-ants every day that I trade. Trust me some have taken the term imbecile to levels that haven’t been seen since the :Dot com rally in the mid 90’s. they have smiles on their puffy-ass faces and fools nodding their heads in unison two feet away. They might not be internally enlightened but I just don’t see all the sadness and despair that is slathered all over the homeless crack-head living in a May-tag box 2 zip codes away.

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