Illawarra group

I sent the following bubblemail out to members of the Illawarra group that I am a co-organiser of. It is the first time that I have sent a message out to all members and I do not intend to abuse the privillege.

Dear Illawarra group members,

It has been a few months since I created the Illawarra group and I have to say I am amazed at the quality of work submitted to the group. I am so glad to find some old friends and happy to make new ones.

I had no idea how many artists from the illawarra are on redbubble. I hope we can have our first illawarra redbubble meetup soon! There have been some suggestions for a venue, with the frontrunners being North Wollongong and Kiama. Please join us in the forums and introduce yourself and get to know your local artists.

Recently I have noticed some photos taken which feature scenery which falls outside of the Illawarra area. This is a regional group and it would be great if we could feature local scenery and highlight what a gorgeous area we live in. If your photo was taken in another state or country please don’t submit it to this group unless it is something that could easily have been taken within the illawarra, such as a portrait in studio conditions or similar. If you have had a photo mistakenly removed from the group which was taken in the illawarra please contact me.

Finally, I would like to welcome our other admins:

o Dulcie – Dulcie is the president of the Kiama-Shellharbour Camera club and famous for her sunrise images, outback Australia. “My passion is photography. I have my own darkroom at home where I have produced black and white images for exhibition and camera club competitions for many years. I still use film but the digital era has me firmly in its hold. In retirement I enjoy traveling around Australia with my husband. We have a small campervan which is ideal for heading out to photograph our favorite locations.”

o Geraldine Lefoe aka Gerry – Gerry is a Kiama-Shellharbour Camera Club committee member and website manager. “I like to create moody images, landscapes that stay with you, and some for fun. I’m keen on travel photography and looking for design elements in everyday places. I’ve been involved in a camera club for awhile to improve my camera technique but I’d really like to experiment a bit more. I live on the South Coast of NSW Australia and play with the Wollongong Pictorial Mafia”

o Donna Huntriss – “I am an Australian artist living on the south coast of New South Wales, (two hours drive south of Sydney). I have been commissioned for art works and have won a number of prizes and have had successful solo and group exhibitions. I am involved a city gallery as part of the curatorial team and exhibition hanging team, and also a member of the Local Art Society.I have exhibited in the infamous “Bald Archy Prize” patroned by Dame Edna and also The Cartoon Bunker Gallery.”

o Lisa aka redpanda6666 – “Relatively new to this whole photography malarky. Proud member of the Wollongong Pictorial Mafia on Flickr. I drive a sexy silver Canon 400D and a Canon EOS 5. My fave lens is my f/1.4 nifty fifty :-) I don’t have a particular favourite theme or subject for my pics, I just get out there and shoot and experiment. Im learning all the time, but there is so much more to learn!”

Each admin helps to feature images added to the pool and general housekeeping. If you would like information added to the group description or would like an extra section to the forum for for any other reason please contact us. We are here to help!

Please visit the group and add the tag ‘illawarra’ to your photos so that they appear in the search. The more visible your art can be the more chance for you to profit from your passion and receive feedback from fellow artists and clients alike.

Starting next month we will be having a monthly competition and vote for our group icon. I hope you will join me in nominating and voting for your favourite image.

Until then,

Warm regards,

Vanessa Pike-Russell

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