Perth, Australia

i consider myself to be creatively versatile. / areas i dabble in … photography, digital art, drawing, manipulations, writing, etc.


a visitor (warning – graphic)


parted lips (rated – X/R, ex…

White knuckle sensation / Intimate penetration. / Sweet thrill of thrust / Pitching swirling lust.

an appetizer

His monolithic cock was obvious as she urgently ground her crotch against it; writhing, needing to worship at its altar.

her status was busy…. (M+ / R)


she was dreaming… (R/X)


abandonment… (M)

With a forceful wrench of her extended tangled tresses, / He bowed his scorching greedy mouth down to her bare tender collar.

hungry (M+)

She slipped her fingers between parted balmy folds & permitted her slick agile tongue to examine her silky skin of her firm slender fin…




You are the pus in my eye, / The vomit in my throat,

beg (M)

the extra tension he felt brought him so close to the edge of climax; he punched the mattress & begged her to stop…

i just want to scream! (PG)

it is not in my nature to hide beneath a facade / my ruins and my beauty are visible to all.

sydney & astrid (erotica)


love in a breath… (G)

love in a breath….

0 but dust

we are naught but dust… / universal particles / adrift in a plume of stars.

the club



You will feel the burden of all that you inflict. / You will languish in exile.

i was thinking just now…


weightless (PG)

Dedicated placement of fiery lips / Tingling touches of fingertips.

the peach

delicate folds spread wide & manhandled. / probing licks & savouring of such landscape.

labour intense

she’s working hard. / arched neck, flexed toes. / rocking, writhing, grinding.

You motivate me to the heights of frustration… …

Muscles tensing, straining. / Sweat beading, streaming.

by the window / le femme attend par la fenêtre (…

bathing in sensuous temperate radiance / she anticipated the return of her paramour.

dehors là… (PG)

Emotions swarming the system / Immovable in the almighty chasm


searching, probing for that need. / desire, desperation, want, must have. / pursuing slippery folds.

The bursting tear (PG)

Aching sadness rises in my chest / Longing / Lost.

little toe – (PG)

He whispered in her ear hoarsely ‘it’s me hot stuff, relax…’


if i am so wild & ferocious / why do try to pat me so?

beg x2 (M)

he could feel her hot steamy breath against his neck. she bit it hard enough to hurt a little & eased off with a suck.

Effleurage…Petrissage (M)

Tend the need of my lethargy. / Glide & skirt the definition of my symmetry

death lurks (M)

He waited at their favourite tomb, leaning against the grave stone. From his jacket pocket he removed a flask filled with whiskey & to…

the good, the bad, the ugly. (M)

Sweet words roll from my tongue. / Adoration pulsates, alive. / My smile so luminous it would bring beams to the darkest skies.

7 deadly sins…. share yours now!!!

Lust / Gluttony / Greed / Sloth / Wrath / Envy / Pride / i would like you to share with me your recent examples of the above, just for fun!…

Recoil (G)

Today you’ve won / Today I want to run / Today I shall drown in my tears / Today I will recoil

scarlet messenger (PG)

the message was cherished. / the message induced undulating feelings of wantonness.

immersed in you (G)

So much of you to revere / But in your mind I immerse myself.

pfffftttt (PG)

my rage builds from a snowball of trivial. / fucking look out for the

Marrakesh ®


Celebrate another year – 1 [writing coll…



you clench a fistful of my hair & wrench my head backward. / that rough handful expels a gasp from my mouth but it is stifled by yours&…

gourmet delights – a breakfast tale ®


push n’ shove

he forces her legs apart roughly as he mounts her from behind. with ease he penetrates that sweet subtle core.

the blockade (PG)

Caged in, trapped / There’s no going. / Within the compound, / At beckon call / For all but I.

domestic ass

his other hand searched & grappled her bosom firmly whilst he mouthed her tense slender neck. one hand strained rhythmically below whi…

the words left unsaid….

Awkward silences are many / Day to day / The unspoken now uncanny.



the last drop

….of a crimson rose. / this is the image i created to go with this text / _THE LAST DROP / i saved the last drop for you my immortal.…

Celebrate another year – 3 [writing collab…

Saliva pooled on the sheets after trickling down her inner thighs.

we fight (M)

Your weight / On my body / Our tissue connects in sweet, compressed, saline symbiosis.

Celebrate another year – 2 [writing collab]…

He leaned into the chilly fridge losing focus, with Jane on his mind. Legs slightly apart stooped over, Dan suddenly felt a hand reach bet…

Arcane Association (P/G)

Kiss me with fervent desire, / Unveil my hunger, my rapture. / A degustation of anatomy, how we mingle.

the girl in the snow at christmas – by vamp…

In the cool glow upon white snow the little girl lay / making her snow angel feverishly she did play. / Up she jumped dusted the ice from h…

behead (M)

cool sharp blade came heavy against her throat


small tickles of tension / but the flood begins to consume. / localized dot point.

ROOM 101

Within the boundaries of darkness and muffled rhythm, / Alone, as id.

bound to blow but…. (P/G)

You know that moment where your ears strain / Your frown deepens / & you feel your teeth chipping because you’re clenching too hard. / …

completeness (G)

To appreciate the moments that are serene / To dwell within that moment.

resonance complex (G)

The piercing shrill inducing cringe reflex / The conundrum of resonance complex.

overunder (G)

Overcommunication / Underwhelms…

Sickly sweet… (PG)

Sickly sweet language spills from your repulsive mouth. / Prickling hairs rise on my arms as the awareness sinks in.

deafening (G)

It’s a necessity that it be deafening.


bathe in little licks of light, it dances on skin with delight. / inhale the cool air, let it tenderly finger thine hair.

two halves of one (PG)

Of all and sundry no one expected this of you / Taken aback, disillusioned, bewildered we were. / No one now trusts you to be true.

limerick (G)

When he whittled the garnish, / So his design he did tarnish.

dusk picnic

you should’ve left earlier.

invasion of pharq

rage vibration / containing strangulation

a bursting tear (PG)

My mind is filled with thoughts of your torment. / Your absence disquiets me.


When we kiss touch lips, it’s passionate, / how breathless when we’re intimate / I drift, I drift.

the stranger in you

You are the enigma / You are the puzzle, / That I feel no desire to unravel.

V day

I owe you my love enduring / I owe you my life entwining. / In your sanctuary I bloom, / In safety, in comfort. / My most precious groom, /…

not enough

not enough time / not enough time / constantly rushing / it’s making me blind / not enough time / not enough time / runs through my f…

subtle impurities

Exploration of her limb continued & those fingers were soon under her skirt & now resting on her thigh.


frustration…. / tension is peak. / suggestion…. / of which i don’t speak. / cognition…. / the revs are high. / perv…

florid beauty

Syncopated pulse thick in my throat, / Rubescent stains upon my lip,

the lover

*THE LOVER / he’d gone to much trouble, setting the ambiance by stocking his wares, fresh linens, nibbles to delight, safety, comfort, bath…

Adam’s week with Sydney & Astrid – A glimpse.…


volume control

Imaginary hands clutching desperately to cloak my ears. / Internal screams, thrashing and gnashing for calm.

we hid

Mother nature sighed a beautiful sigh.

don’t play with knives

*+don’t play with knives+ / good advice, particularly around angry individuals.*

the night called to soothe

licks of westerly wind savouring skin, / moonlight traced the path,

to foretell dreams…

reminisce / bloom….


He yearned for some relief / To smooth his furrowed brow / No matter how brief / He required something now

digging graves

there was a stench that was putrid….


To cradle his countenance within the confines of my yielding hands. / To inhale his familiar alluring scent.


a maniacal grin spread on his lips, as he cracked open the sternum to reach his precious.

al dente (PG)

She gave him a quick kiss & as she departed he slapped her ass hard. “Ow!” she yelped & smirked in his direction clenching her ten…



paid off

*+paid off+ / & he lay back, relishing his bounty, swimming in the glorious odour of affluence….*

unending horizon (G)

Over water, grass, dirt, sand & stone you travel, / Into the unending horizon I watch your shape disappear. / Silently a tear slips dow…

a clearing (G/PG)

from the murk & darkness / the feelings of fear & inadequacy / the trappings of loneliness & debilitation…
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