Perth, Australia

i consider myself to be creatively versatile. / areas i dabble in … photography, digital art, drawing, manipulations, writing, etc.


le femme attend par la fenêtre by vampvamp the over-the-shoulder reader & the bookworm by vampvamp the rub down by vampvamp sunlit suspenders by vampvamp arc by vampvamp

a visitor (warning – graphic)

venez à moi et reliez... by vampvamp glossed bud by vampvamp

parted lips (rated – X/R, ex…

White knuckle sensation / Intimate penetration. / Sweet thrill of thrust / Pitching swirling lust.
spread by vampvamp regard effronté by vampvamp P-licious wallpaper by vampvamp glow by vampvamp she's always hungry... by vampvamp altar by vampvamp the diver II by vampvamp behind corporate glass by vampvamp look at my boobs by vampvamp i do naked well! by vampvamp nothing like smut to cheer you up! by vampvamp watery melody enveloped her soul... by vampvamp poutylicious by vampvamp

an appetizer

His monolithic cock was obvious as she urgently ground her crotch against it; writhing, needing to worship at its altar.
parti-kiss-les by vampvamp pouty by vampvamp unlock by vampvamp unadorned elegance IV by vampvamp desert mo-rose by vampvamp the sting by vampvamp brace by vampvamp subtle impurities by vampvamp

her status was busy…. (M+ / R)

i suck by vampvamp

she was dreaming… (R/X)

got nailed? by vampvamp passion by vampvamp

abandonment… (M)

With a forceful wrench of her extended tangled tresses, / He bowed his scorching greedy mouth down to her bare tender collar.

hungry (M+)

She slipped her fingers between parted balmy folds & permitted her slick agile tongue to examine her silky skin of her firm slender fin…


eager to please by vampvamp her black heart by vampvamp black widow by vampvamp gift wrapped dreams I by vampvamp

sydney & astrid (erotica)

ahh by vampvamp out by vampvamp

the club


weightless (PG)

Dedicated placement of fiery lips / Tingling touches of fingertips.

the peach

delicate folds spread wide & manhandled. / probing licks & savouring of such landscape.
reaper rapture by vampvamp get cuffed baby! by vampvamp

You motivate me to the heights of frustration… …

Muscles tensing, straining. / Sweat beading, streaming.

by the window / le femme attend par la fenêtre (…

bathing in sensuous temperate radiance / she anticipated the return of her paramour.

dehors là… (PG)

Emotions swarming the system / Immovable in the almighty chasm

little toe – (PG)

He whispered in her ear hoarsely ‘it’s me hot stuff, relax…’

Effleurage…Petrissage (M)

Tend the need of my lethargy. / Glide & skirt the definition of my symmetry
WKSLC by vampvamp crop by vampvamp

Marrakesh ®


Celebrate another year – 1 [writing coll…

everyone by vampvamp


sweet asS by vampvamp

Celebrate another year – 3 [writing collab…

Saliva pooled on the sheets after trickling down her inner thighs.

we fight (M)

Your weight / On my body / Our tissue connects in sweet, compressed, saline symbiosis.

Celebrate another year – 2 [writing collab]…

He leaned into the chilly fridge losing focus, with Jane on his mind. Legs slightly apart stooped over, Dan suddenly felt a hand reach bet…

Arcane Association (P/G)

Kiss me with fervent desire, / Unveil my hunger, my rapture. / A degustation of anatomy, how we mingle.
i bite and suck hard by vampvamp other tee by vampvamp too much sex by vampvamp elektra by vampvamp everyone wants a piece by vampvamp spank dat! by vampvamp

subtle impurities

Exploration of her limb continued & those fingers were soon under her skirt & now resting on her thigh.

the lover

*THE LOVER / he’d gone to much trouble, setting the ambiance by stocking his wares, fresh linens, nibbles to delight, safety, comfort, bath…
saucy slut by vampvamp

Adam’s week with Sydney & Astrid – A glimpse.…

i want a face ride! by vampvamp T.H.T.H - sticker by vampvamp tingle dingle by vampvamp hot harlot by vampvamp N 4 naughty by vampvamp sex muffin II by vampvamp zing thing by vampvamp nothing like being bored by vampvamp passionate by vampvamp even when... VII by vampvamp vroom broom by vampvamp spank dat! II by vampvamp i'll stretch you by vampvamp oh yeh baby ooh ahh by vampvamp something for you - sticker by vampvamp
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desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait