The Lovers by VampireLily I Love Ichabod by VampireLily by VampireLily The Girl Amongst the Ferns II by VampireLily

Abbot Street

He had drawn her first in charcoal / then swept watercolors across her visage, / as the powdered pigment motes whirled / in the late aftern…
The Ravishes of Winter by VampireLily Clematis Schematics by VampireLily All the Jealous Virgins by VampireLily The Girl Amongst the Ferns by VampireLily When My Ghost Shall Speak by VampireLily Hard at Work by VampireLily The Sum of Your Words by VampireLily

Morning Poem

to that sacred hallowed place where / both angels and devils divide rooms,
When My Body Has Become Yours~  ( Muse ) by VampireLily Each Moment Will Have its Hour~ ( Artist ) by VampireLily Within the Dark Tide of the Sky~  ( Writer ) by VampireLily

The Captain’s House

I remember her mother as a rather slight, gangly woman who wore her nurses whites constantly and always seemed to be on her way to work. Sh…

Looming in the Blueness ~ my love letter to Tom W…

The dress tossed over the bed rail is also blue…. The sort of blue that speaks of rapidly fading memory…
No Evil by VampireLily


pass over me like a squall / as i hover in your wake / I’ll just be a rain cloud. / A torrent for you- / a storm waiting to break.


I make amends for all I never was and ALL / I could have ever been-


writing pages of language i’ll never send, / of all you were the night before, / of how we dreamed of sleep yet dreaming still, / Th…
I Shall Call You Forth From Sleep~  ( Poet ) by VampireLily


Haunted too, soft spoken as bones that murmur secrets, Vibrating sighs of the drowsy content and of hours spent, Laid beside each other in …

The Rains: Say Goodbye to Flesh & Blood

She might still be out there, somewhere in the world. And the world, for all it had become, was now very small. Still large enough to swa…

…for Jeff

I’ll never sing a song again, / The way that I sang you~ / To caress the rise of an old refrain / And awake the boy I knew

Somehow yet, Unfinished

Breathing ether, floating landscapes…down streets that once occupied the darker moments of your childhood-

October 28th

In a respit from the attic, / the ghost coasts along the front porch / in her ten dollar flea market chair~

Original Sin

so, / i found the apple and just bit… / juice winding down my wrist


Godless creatures, / Dragging timber towards the dawn of fire / Did my face inspire / You even then?

6~ Seun

My mother nods a few times, she thinks he understands and then she says…" Men always take but seldom replenish or give back.&quo…

Seven Depths of Darkness Down

Seven depths of darkness down / floating idle, sleepless still / lips that mouthed the dusty sound / murmur unconscious, watery drones / an…


with what fruit we might produce / is my womb, / is my love of you, / is my desperate language, / tongues we speak in secrecy-

5~ Thread and Stone

I hear a splash and hiss to my left, the sound of waters parting, subsiding, then still for a moment…. i look in that direction and C…

4~ Cupcakes and Therapy

Is it part of the therapeutic criteria? Does it come through the mail once you’ve received your license to practice? What is it exactly, …


Or eat glistening apples that set naive girls to sleep- / I’ve eaten my share of gingerbread house, / Had enough glass slippers slice my fe…


A prickly evening bloom, / Sweet and burning upon your rising / I offer myself up to the moon~

Cobweb Lullaby

how i pressed my mouth to the hollow of your temple as we wove our fingers together, / wandering past all those dimly lit houses gone sil…

3~ Scry

The moon is high and full, the sky strewn with stars. The basin is half filled with water and at the moment is perfectly still, reflecting…


I fed the wolf my beating heart / And each throb was his last, / And he was mine and I was his / Since first the die was cast~


We coiled within each others mirrored likeness / My pinkness wrapped within your luminous palm


It is not a burden, / This life you’ve given me


I watch, mesmerized… / as her fingertips provoke cool flesh, / smudging liner against moon glow pallor, / the pale pink that finds the lips…

Night Falls on Mayberry

They say that on the night / she ran out in to the road barefoot, / deafness fell for four straight blocks.

Tangible Evidence

Your icing sweet humility is almost tempting / in the way it makes the guilt taste so powerful, / so revealing.

Shake it Down

You said i was one of those girls that you couldn’t understand, some girls just kiss, others tangle you up-
In Dreaming I Have Found You Here by VampireLily

2~ Beloved

I shake my hands out then sweep them against my apron as we wander towards each other. / He smiles for me… he is so beautiful. ̵…

1~ Come Closer

Some ancient trigger like an old memory resurfacing- Something hidden beneath. Something that shifts awkwardly in deep sleep then suddenly…

Saints On Horseback

We communicate in some different language, / not so much words as a movement of the body / or lifting of the eyes.

…for Virginia~

we are wrapped in a woolen plaid, / you and i- / barefoot still and teeth chattering / beside our bit of loch


i dreamed i had a sister, / once- / when the trees were still young and the days fell into candle light.


Old women cackling, crackling like worn bone- / stir that cauldron up with gossip, day old truths.

What Love Hath Wrought

She gives no clue to what i was, / Only covets that which i have loved, / With harem smile and beguiling eye / Kisses that which once was m…

Baptism by Fire …for Joan

For i have held council with angels and kissed the feet of Christ, / i’ve had my armor pounded smooth with the tears of virgin spirit…

Crash… Collide… Connect

a million years ago, / when first we burst from each others realities / a thousands stars, / upon a thousand planets / crashing wayward ont…

Becoming (Ultrasounds)

I am at first, the droning of a heartbeat. / I am at first my mother’s / and then, I am my own.


Pressing my fingertips to the soft curve of your mouth, / i call you out from darkness, willing you to me / In dreams i move silent to seek…


i shake sorrow like frost from limbs, / a stuttering flame / that flickers and gasps and lights again, / see the miracle that i am?

A Love Song… sort of~

the span of your shoulders / as you lift the beam, / level the window, plaster the seam- / and the roof could fall, darlin’ / i would…


as magic will / and magic does, / i reverted back / to before the flood


but while you sleep, i bind you up, / bowstrings and ropes and woven locks.

On the Darkest Night of the Year

Shall i sing of things to come, / of things not found, of things unknown? / and speak of questions, not yet asked / of all that’s gon…

Keep Your Eyes On The Road, Sir!

Do not come to me with trifles / tossing a coin in to my fountain, / then sticking a tricky paw in / to retrieve what you have lost

Where i Came to Die

having spent my usefulness / in worlds far from this / where i recount my moments / shiny pennies in a jar / with all my days before me ~


We make up our days of what we should / And should not do~ / Words like: Please, darlin’ don’t… / And: You shouldn’t… / Or: What if I k…

Deeper Earth

you’ve dragged your fingers through deeper earth / a resting place, a womb for bleached bones / the low restless hum that never was, …

Fire & Wane

That night in the forest… you said that my hair reminded you of pale fire as it lay across your thighs

Prayer of a Drone

The honey sinks beneath brew / unaware of your graces, of each pulsing beat / that throbs beneath layers of skin~


what lies beneath each word…a blessing of sound…a rapture of the tongue…an orgasm of the mind~

Fiction: What We Make Happen

The tilted cup had become a pregnant cauldron that bubbled out the word: DIE / “Oh, my,” she was saying “Oh, my God!”

Speaking in Tongues

to wrap around your tender body…as i would my own mouth…with a sensual gasp as these lips part, / hovering over you.

Boning Knife

She lit you up like a bonfire…all tinder and smoke and flame~


Your evening is mapped out in your brain / sending images that flicker and stutter, / halting in jerky gestures like the / nudie picture sh…

Afterglow …for Buk

Darling, look here… when your sketchy memory tries to draw up my face
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