writer, poet, artist, muse

There are those of us who walk between the worlds…

We straddle the line between darkness and light, between the tangible and the unobtainable, between the land of humanity and the shadows of the spirit. We do this not because we choose to….but because we must.
Within the structure of the common day, we seek out the tiny fractures which allow us to penetrate true beauty…. to find radiance in the typical moment because we know that no moment is to be ignored.
We obtain immortality through the preservation of art in all her guises. We write, we paint, we photograph… we leave pieces of ourselves behind so that we will not be forgotten. Through language and visual art….you are leaving a history that will be told long after you can no longer tell it yourself. A story that deserves to be told.

Your History is Worthy of Immortality.

Come…walk with us~

Proud of my Scottish, Irish and Welsh heritage, i’m a redheaded, green eyed, Celt witch with a nasty boot fetish and a fucked up sense of humor.
I’m a writer, a poet, a romantic and sometimes a big pain in the ass. I dig belly dancing, designing my own clothes, cursing in public places and i am a proud advocate of creative punctuation.
This is more than you’ll ever need to know about me and probably much more than you actually give a shit about.
(insert smirk here)

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I like to flow with the hum of the earth… but lately i’ve felt terribly off. Everything seems distorted and not in the rhythm & beat of everything else…. It’s like…. I’m in some other dimension that mimics this one but if i look very closely i can see the flaws in the design. Then i realize that it’s not the place i thought it was or where I need to be. I’m restless…. My skin itches and I…
Posted about 7 years – 4 comments

"In This Shirt"

Thank gods for technology… I wouldn’t have wanted to miss this moment. True art comes from the insides. /
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Saturday night i woke up with sleep paralysis. This happens to me sometimes because my brain is waking up before my body is either willing or ready to. It happens to folks a lot…..not really that uncommon. / So i’m laying there, staring at the ceiling and trying to keep calm. It’s very unsettling when this happens. The next thing i know, i hear a soft tearing or pulling̷…
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Sorry... but i need to rant

After work today i stopped off at my local grocery store to pick up a few things. / This is where i witnessed two slightly older kids picking on a younger kid because he was slightly over weight. / After several minutes of over-hearing these kids say things like….“Why you so fat?” “Why you ugly…?” “You retarded?” I turned and snapped. “Why …
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