My Art Progression

I am still working on my art. This place gives me a chance to examine other styles. I haven’t sold anything here yet, but that is ok. I am still learning more about vector drawings. I finally learned how to do a line with a true brush stroke style in Illustrator. I am also working on getting a website with a cart. I wish there was a chat room here. so I can ask a million questions. The forum style of communication sometimes takes forever. At this point I have sold some prints of my artwork, which I actually print on my own 13 × 19″ on an Epson. I have also been doing photo restoration, and drawing portraits at festivals. Takes me about 15 min. I guess people like like my stuff ‘cause whenever I draw portraits, I have people waiting right on down till it gets dark. I have to stop there because I can’t see at night time. My right eye vision is blurry because I have a bulge in my lens and my left eye has floaters. DANG!

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