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After finding an old poem I wrote to my first love 28 years ago at nineteen and looking at rodeorosie’s latest beautiful image
Love Letter
while listening to the attached song, I was reminded of how far we have come in communication. Whether you twitter, text, bmail, email, Skype, or mobile phone it…don’t you think it’s just the most amazing thing that we can communicate in real time or almost real time!!!. However, it sadly doesn’t eradicate breakdowns in communication, as no current technology has yet mastered emotional intelligence. While it can make it quicker and easier the heart still needs to be open (and naked of baggage) and the mind free of projections. The subject of my poem is long gone from my life and I suspect that even with Skype we may have found out (may be sooner ) that really we had so little in common and were not good custodians of each other’s fragile hearts when we were not hiding behind letters of love. While real time is good for many things it can to some degree leave us more vulnerable …..maybe that’s somtimes good and sometimes not so good :) . Maybe the letter wasn’t so bad really..while it was at times a frustrating and lonely communication it was slow and allowed time for reflection and an element of self protection.
As I said, just a ramble and an opportunity to share something old and something that meant a lot to me about someone that meant a lot to me many years ago. Must be the imminent coming of Valentine’s day and the textured regrets that my dear friend Rosie speaks of in her latest upload . Here is the poem I wrote at the time expressing my frustrations and fears………..but I kinda miss that time now. :)

Thank God for Australia Post
You sent me a letter
which I only received this morning.
I wish I could talk to you now
and see your face
but we continue to communicate in
patterns of delayed reactions-
I wipe the tears your cried three days ago and
you laugh at my silly grammar but I can’t hear you.
I wonder sometimes what we would do,
If forced to face each other
Without paper and pen

And just because I felt like it, a bit of a fun /silly song I listened to during that priod of my life …a song about something that may happen after the many love lorn letters from a distance /

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