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I recently watched one of my favorite old videos of an interview with Dennis Potter, an English playright who has since passed away .The interview is incredible as it was done about 2 weeks before he passed away from cancer in 1994. He at one point in the interview speaks about how similar this is to childhood, when everything is felt so in the moment, the bad experiences seem to go on forever and the good ones are almost overwhelmingly joyful. Below is just a small segment of the interview (one of my favourite moments) though you can see all seven parts on You tube if you just write Dennis potter interview in the search.

For one of my new year’s resolutions I have again promised my self to try and live more in the moment . By nature I tend to worry or fantisize about the future or alternately regret or miss the past ….and while doing both tend to sometimes travel through the present on autopilot .
Recently I was looking at some photos of my neice and the interview with Potter came to mind . So I thought at the risk of total self indulgence I would share some of her “in the present moment” photos that never cease to make me smile and hope they may do the same for you. I think kids are pretty insiprational in their way of fully experiencing the moment and am always uplifted after being around them, none more so then my little two and half year old neice.That may also be because I have none of my own and can always give her and the others back when they become less then inspirational :) Unfortunately I don’t get to spend as much time with her as I would like because she lives in Japan but I do have many pictures and regularly talk with her on Skype The pictures are clockwise in terms of her age .The grumpy one was taken at 8 weeks old and although not the best quality photo it always cracks me up in smiles… young tormented !. The largest one was taken just a little while ago when she was two and a half and is with my brother in a play park in Japan. The one with the white cap also gets me as she looks like she has come out of a French basement club after doing a live reading of chic…so brooding :). The second lot/collage a fairly self explanatory as they are taken in Japan during blossom season.

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