Melanie - the back up singer to the song of my youth

I was a bit of a misplaced sixties child in my late teens and twenties (during the early 80’s in fact) and was smitten by raw folk sound of Melanie Safka, her songs, her social commentary and :…. amazing poetry to music. Found them on You tube today and “Peace will come” brought tears to my eyes and took me back 26 years. …………

Listening to Malanie in the disco queen early eighties
was not the fashionable thing to do
but how I ache now for those times
sitting on the deck
wrapped in the evening humidity
skipping lectures but learning nonetheless
to philosophize, to smoke,
to love, to dance,
to drink apple cider and analyse,
my brain not yet picked
my song not yet wrecked
when so many dreams seemed real
and my life story was barely quarter writ.
How I yearn for those empty pages
the fullness of my heart
the strength of possibilities
and singing Melanie totally unselfconsciously
at the top of my lungs.

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