Finland - Featured and only member

Yesterday I discovered one of the great perks of being the first to join a group.

Being made the featured member! ;-)

I joined the Finland group yesterday and was very generously made the featured member by the hosts. A quick check of the ‘people’ page confirmed my suspicions, yup! I was the
_only _ member beside the hosts!

Thanks to Juha Sompinmäki and Wiljami Yrjölä for hosting the group and make sure you check out their photos, they both look really amazing.

Now I’ve seen lots of fabulous photos from Finland on RedBubble so I just know this brief fame won’t last but I’m enjoying it while I can.

Reminds me of whats-his-name in the winter olympics, the Australian guy who won the gold medal in a skating event after everyone else fell over. Of course in his case he’d put in quite a few years hard work beforehand, whereas I’ve just been lucky!

Someone else out there needs to join up and share some photos, make it soon!

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