The Cloud, Photoshop and you?

Has anyone else had a chance to play around with Adobe Photoshop Express in" the Cloud": yet?

I’m struggling at the moment to find time to do all the things I need to get done and this is depressing me because it means I haven’t found the time to install the upgrade to Adobe CS3 my husband recently bought home from a trip to Bangkok. (…ahem….)

We’ve been playing around looking at virtual machines in the Cloud lately and it suddenly occured to me that maybe I don’t need to install the upgrade. Maybe I can find Photoshop in the Cloud?

A quick search confirms that a beta version of a cutdown version is indeed there, called Adobe Photoshop Express. it doesn’t really seem suited to the needs of serious photographers, but I could be wrong?

Just before I launch myself into another pleasant, but not-terribly-focused exploration, it occurs to me that maybe I should concentrate on getting those things done that I’m supposed to be doing.

But maybe someone else has had time to have a look? Or are there other great applications for photgraphers or artists in the Cloud? Have you found any? Any comments? I’d love to hear what people have found and are able to do there.

And as always, there is a down side

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