Introducing the fabulous Elli Schweizer! OR But Mum, she followed me home................can we keep her?

I’m very proud and happy that I’ve managed to convince my friend Elli
to join RedBubble.

She hasn’t uploaded anything yet so this is actually a tad premature and not putting her under any pressure at all, ;-) , but make sure you check out her work once you can. She’s a brilliant photographer AND artist AND the things she can do with Photoshop are just amazing. I think she’s going to be a great asset to the whole RedBubble community.

She’s also very active online, in fact thats how we met; online. Almost our entire friendship has been conducted online and we have only ever met in the flesh on two occasions. This isn’t that unusual these days except that when we did meet it was ten-thousand or more kms away from where we were when we first met online.

I ‘met’ Elli while I was living in Amsterdam and had a blog with comments that worked AND visitors. Elli is a Texan, living in Switzerland at the time. We used to email and blog and even considered meeting up in Germany one day to see a Bridget Jones movie. (You almost have to go to Germany to make a Bridget Jones movie bearable….) But then I had my son and my days of gadding off to ‘other countries’ just to see a two-hour film were over. I just couldn’t find flights to fit between feeds!

It was sad when we left the Netherlands and returned to Australia to think that we probably never would meet after all.

So I was more than a little surprised to recieve an SMS only a week or so after arriving back in Australia to the effect that Elli had just landed in Melbourne and did I want to meet up? As my husband put it, it’s either an amazing coincidence OR she’s one seriously scarey cyber-stalker.

Anyway, Elli and her JM have now been traipsing around Australia for quite a while doing this-and-that-in-remote-places as required by our Immigration Department so we’ve decided she’s not a cyber-stalker and our friendship is still conducted mostly online.

Which is why I’m really happy to see her here on RedBubble. I’m still in the RedBubble honeymoon phase (does it ever end?) and wanting to share the ‘lerv’. It’s like adding a new room to your house and wanting all your friends to come and stay in it!

RedBubble’s going to suit Elli down to a T and we can spend hours and hours gas-bagging away (is RedBubble chat in the works down-the-track……………?) and maybe even doing some work together and I can even think of a couple of groups in particular for whom she’d be a fabulous member.


PS. Here is Elli’s FLICKR photostream to keep you amused while we’re waiting.

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