2016 Ahead

It has been a long, 2014-2015 everybody!


We had a flood destroy our home last year, so it took several months of emotionally gut-wrenching renovations to fix 50% of our home. And moving stuff around. We finally got back on track, only to find my image editing software did not survive a transplant from one hard drive to the next! Oh boy!

I am finally happy to report that everything’s back to schedule now. New designs will go up in the store for 2016. I redid my social buttons and extended my current designs onto a wider product line. Yes, you can now find Sam & Dean on notebooks and pillows.

Yes, I will be doing more geek designs soon. And an updated ‘This Road So Far’ to reflect the changes our heroes have undergone. Can you say, pudding?!

Will be updating website in the next few months. Meantime, add me on your Twitter and Facebook to get all the updates. Stay tuned!

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