“I was an angel!”

“Were you?”

“Yeah I was!”


“Long story!”

“Tell me all”

“You seem very curious!”

“Yeah, I am!”

“I know.”


“All human are…”

“What they are?”



“You conceded cause you’re a human, curiosity is the main factor in human’s blood”

“Yeah I conceded!”

“What you think of me?”

“I’m curious, just want to know”

“What do you want to know?”

“All about you”

“he he”

“I’m serious”

“I told you that I was an angel!”




“I’ve been stranding on the World Trad Centre’s roof while it has collapsed.”


“Stop kidding, you’re just trying to make me look like a fool!”

“No, I won’t!”


“I fell down while the building collapsed and I found I changed into human. I had undergone an amazing metamorphosis from an angel to a human.”

“Ain’t it funny?”

“So you say…”

“I do say!” (smiling)

“I saw, I got hurt bad while I fell. I was bleeding from my wounds. I saw blood came out from my body first! Never thought that I had blood in my veins before.”


“Do you think I’m a fool?”


“Then why you’re trying to make me!”

“If you don’t believe so!”

“I won’t believe”

“Look at my wounds, they are still the same!”

“Yeah I can see blood”

“So why you couldn’t believe?”

“You aren’t human.”

“I am now!”

“Oh come on!”

“You meant to say, I wasn’t an angel?”

“I don’t know! You lost me!”

“Look that’s blood! Red blood!”

“But how you got hurt?”

“Aw it bleeds, it ain’t good! You need a cure. Why don’t you tell me?”

“You’re asking a lot.”


“I won’t say”

“Okay don”t say, but let me cure you."


“What you have been doing?”

“Not a lot, I won a tracksuit last night off a radio show, under the pretense that I wear it on the Jeremy Kyle show in the audience he he”

“You’re kidding”


“Stop kidding!”


“So you really won?”

“Yeah” (smiling)


“Which is a talk show with fucked up inbred guests being manipulated on TV by a snivelling little know it all ..so should be fun”


“What is that show called?”

“Do you think I’m lying?”

“No, not at all .. just little curious.”

“You would have some coffee?”

“Are you scared?”

“No I’m not! Just ..”

“Yeah I understand!”

“You are understanding!”

“The Jeremy Kyle show”

“Oh OK”

“Don’t you still believe?”

“You said you fell down from the World Trade Center’s building while it has collapsed, so how come you’re in England then?”

“I’m travelling to the whole world and trying to discover and sort out things.”

“Which kind of things?”

“he he! I’m not supposed to say, I know you would not believe.”

“Rather I do!”

“It seems you don’t.”

“You went to that show?”

“No, I’ve got to be in the audience wearing the tracksuit.”

“Oh okay”

“Thought you became a celebrity”

“he he”

“It could be though.”

“he he I’d rather die!”

“It would be nice! don’t you like fame?”

“I’d like to be known amongst certain circles for my music yeah”

“You like music? I meant you into music?”

“I generally despise celebrities
vain, talentless, soulless, sell-out corporate little hacks!"

“True talent doesn’t need publicity.”

“I mean sometimes it does, sometimes it deserves it. But the likes of say Jolly Croucher. she is just a talentless greedy media whore and she is of no value to society whatsoever – she merely invades our collect unconscious with her banal existence”

“Yeah I agree.”

“She is one of Satan’s helpers!”

“She is a woman and you should respect her, whether she is good or not, whether you like her or not!”

“She is scum and she needs a good kick up the arse, I’d quite happily be the one to do it!”

“You sound nice, I think, we should be nice to each other.”

“I’d pin her down on the ground and sit on top of her and say listen up bitch! People are dying all over the world. they have no food or water or clothes or prospects. they have no chance in life and you have the audacity to walk around in a £10,000 dress. you are scum of the highest level”

“You seem annoyed with the system”

“You seem very sensitive and humanitarian”

“And I’d say its time you realised what is happening in the world and that being worth £200 million is not acceptable anymore. I’d spit on her"

“Oh! That’s not nice!”

“Some things aren’t nice, can you imagine if I did that it would make the news and more people would hear the message and more people would be affected by it and it would have a more positive effect.”

“You have to be a nice and optimistic.”

“The affect they have on the world is massive though. especially to children which is their target audience. A 5 year old Jolly Croucher’s fan will want to wear fashionable clothes and be vain and greedy like Jolly, her idol. And so the whole world suffer and more people become hypnotized under the spell to consume"

“I see.”

“It’s all government planned, its all planned, its quite obvious when you look out for it."

“Good to hear you’re a liberal soul and at least you’re thinking of it.”

“Do you think the governments really care for the people?”

“Yeah sort of…”

“America could feed the third world with the amount they spend on nuclear weapons. Yet they don’t?!”

“It’s actually bad politics, it sees and holds own interest. Interest of state comes first. it’s just hunger to gain more, just a greed!”

“The simple fact is, the resources and money is there to help the third world. but they spend it on weapons. they do not care for us, and that’s a fact”

“Yeah it seems!”

“We are a number, a statistic and all part of their plan. which is to create a consumer plantation, that’s why adverts make us feel inadequate. Its called aspirational TV”

“Yeah right…"

“We aspire to be like the people on TV, in magazines, in adverts. they dazzle us with these false reality of perfection which life just never matches up to, there are things we can do. i would happily spit on Jolly face if it spread the message. the power is in the people. the people are just way too hypnotized to see whats happening”

“Cause every government’s similar .. play the same politics! Actually “interest” never change.. just face changes and the politics is the same!"

“Most people that is.”


“Without us there is no government, but I know what you mean the anti-war marches before Iraq were massive. Millions of people world-wide, they didn’t listen because there are global motives. we didn’t go to war to find W.M.D, that was a lie. We didn’t go to find Saddam, that’s a lie!”

“I hate that dirty politics and hate wars! but we just can’t stop wars, why wars begin? It’s just country’s personal “interest”

“I know, but the more people with a voice the better. and nothing will ever change if everyone says “well we cant do anything about it”

“Why one country attack on other? just of some purpose”

“Oh I gotta go, rain have stopped now. thanks!”

“Would you meet again?”
(He smiles and walks away)

(I saw that there was no blood on the sofa. There was no evidence of his existence! There was not even another cup of coffee! I saw only a cup that I caught in my hand!)


Ushna Sardar

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