The Spoken Light- A Book By Neil Johnson & Ushna Sardar

The Spoken Light is our first book on RedBubble!!!!!

Neil Johnson and me have done first collaboration book that about 20 poems!

You can check out on RB!

thank you so much Neil for giving me the idea of that book!

it’s not the end of journey though but must say we had great voyage of discovery!

we discovered many dimensions and definitely we will continue that!
I really enjoyed that 20 collaborations writing with you Neil my friend!
You are amazing artist, love the lighting you have done in your photography!

I would love to do more work with you as you are a awesome artist!
thanks for giving me awesome and unique art!

Thank you so much all viewers, readers and all RB friends!
thanks for comments on my collaboration writing! they are precious to me!
glad you all liked that work!

thank you all of you cause I’m nothing without your support!!

Love & Huggles from Ushna.

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