I cannot imagine life without arts. What would be our world like! Without any reserve, I believe that Leonardo da Vinci and Nicolaj Hartman and others were right when they claimed that arts presents the objective in the subjective by doing the marvelous of the work of art!
When I understood what meant when he said that the laws of beauty depend on our personal flickering, and that the beauty can be only experienced but cannot be analyzed, because when analyzed it get dispersed and killed”, I came back to the period of my life which enchanted my childhood.
I was excited by perception that every artist with his work of art can “expose his soul and that he alone can decode his work.
I wanted to capture that from nowhere and from everywhere. I always desired to understand, and then show the eternity of the moment, imperishableness in perishables, immortality in mortality, unlimited in limited, wonderful in simple! And, while the limited chained me, I desired the unlimited. Only by picturing imagined world, different from this given world and no matter how realistic nevertheless fictive I was able to reject all what was binding me.

I showed my interest for painting very early. I painted my first picture when I was 9 years old and named it “rough wetter”. It showed the storm over the nature (perhaps over my soul agitated by commotion.)

And all – threes, butterflies, forests, rivers, moonlight, movement… all was attracting and calling me, I was thinking, to make them immortal. The nature was and still is my obsession. ( Some of my pictures show the region which, unfortunately, don’t exist any more)

But, there wasn’t understanding form my passion.

That was the reason why I moved to arts taking the opposite way – through the philosophy.
I graduated in philosophy at the Faculty of Arts in Belgrad. Through the studies of philosophy I got knowledge of aesthetics – arts philosophy which fascinated me. Those who have knowledge of aesthetics understand what I am talking about. , Aesthetics changed my world, returned me to my longing; tear the chains by which the every day life was binding me.
Till that time I was painting occasionally and all what I painted I gave to my friends.
Since1983. I am painting intensively. What I have painted, I cannot repeat, because what I saw once, I saw it jut once, in flight, unrepeatable, in a moment the unlimited “comes down” in limited, tomorrow something else comes to existence. I was never able to make copy of my own work, something similar.
I never had an exhibition. My house is my exhibition place. My friends, visitors were enthusiastic, amazed, speechless, undecided…..
The pictures are under your eyes… it your turn…
Perhaps I don’t know all technical nuances, but I quote again Sarl Laloo “the technique is the living trade… the artist is his own teacher all his life”.
Thank you for visit my gallery.

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