Pictures of you are here and there, I sit in my chair and look at you and stare, I envisage you by my side,
Isabella Pumpkin Girl by UrsulaDee


No other should ever feel so low, I will protect them from the evils of this world, truly I’m not that crud of a girl.
You Make Me Laugh So Much, ( I Can't Stand Up !) by UrsulaDee "Coo Me ?" by UrsulaDee Bath Time Fun by UrsulaDee The Moon On A Summers Day. Billa Barra Hill, Markfield.. Leicester. by UrsulaDee Metal Bird by UrsulaDee Dad You Are so Funny by UrsulaDee


In wonderment my mind fills with thoughts of you, my heart beats to our love so true, happiness so deep it makes me addicted to you.
Birthdays Are Such Fun !!!! by UrsulaDee

A Year

Not once in your life have you caused me any pain or strife, all you do is just perfection,
Mum & Dad, Everlasting Love by UrsulaDee Dad aged 90 years old. by UrsulaDee Beautiful Smile, Archie You Melt My Heart by UrsulaDee Love At First Sight Part 2 Town Hall Square Leicester by UrsulaDee Love At First Sight Town Hall Square Leicester by UrsulaDee Town Hall Square Leicester by UrsulaDee


Low, just so dam low / I can’t hide, feelings now have to show
Birthday Flowers by UrsulaDee Sleep At Last by UrsulaDee

I Will Never Know

I had to miss our day because other things got in the way, / how I wish I’d been with you, / I should have spent those last preciou…

Day Begins

What beauty my soul beholds, anticipation fills me as to what the day will unfold, my heart glows with the splendor of the Sun
Ollie by UrsulaDee Casper by UrsulaDee

Isabella Seren Marie

Little Izzie Bee, I hear you laugh tee he he, you mean the world to me, my darling girl, sweet baby.

I Can’t

You’re thinking hard, and crying with the pain, yelling out I’m insane. / No you’re not, you’re hurting so bad, and…
Tuscany Landscape As Evening Breaks by UrsulaDee Tuscan Sun Goes Down by UrsulaDee End Of The Day by UrsulaDee God Created Wonderful Nature, The Beautiful Sea. God The Fisher Of Men. by UrsulaDee God's Wonderful Creation, The Sun Going Down by UrsulaDee Tuscan Sunset by UrsulaDee


She sings when she feels like crying
Isabella is on the way! by UrsulaDee Colour Abstracts God's Palette Of Many Colours. by UrsulaDee Moon Over Billa Barra Hill Markfield Leicestershire by UrsulaDee The Pen Is Mightier Then The Sword Arr Jim Lad!!!! by UrsulaDee

Booming, Banging Migraine

In need of peace and consolation I listen to words of comfort that my Lord Jesus said

Praying For Peace

Bring waring nations to an end, help each and everyone become friends, all their differences make amends and peace ever after shall transce…

Where is it?

My heart no longer leaps, in-fact I can’t feel it beat, I guess I just need to sleep, sleep sleep, maybe when I awake he’ll be …


caressing my thighs around your handsome frame. / my hands running along your hardness, feeling your cold metal fills me with lust,

True To Your Vows.

you’ve stayed true to your vows, for better or for worse you’ve become my “nurse” in sickness and health you have shown such stealth, your …


Do all kinds of things with me, show me you feel a zing for me, cos you know boy, I’m full of sexy mystery.


For a while I could ignore the pain and carry on just the same, always me taking the blame, many years have gone by, I now hear my soul cry


Sweet little Madeline you are in our prayers, we ask God to watch over you whilst you are so far away.


Feeling lost and empty, I want to give so very much, good deeds they are a plenty. / My soul is duly driven, I want to make the world a bet…
I'm all ears by UrsulaDee Jazz & Ollie by UrsulaDee Me , I'm not in the way I'm I? by UrsulaDee Brothers & Sister by UrsulaDee Baby by UrsulaDee Rescued Hedgehog "Safe At Last" by UrsulaDee Snowflake by UrsulaDee

My Friend

V is for Valiant
My Saviour by UrsulaDee

How Can You Tell

How can you tell who is the Bride at an Irish Wedding? / She’s the one in the white Wellies!!!! / How can you tell an Dutch Irishman?…
Arachnid by UrsulaDee Technicolour Meds by UrsulaDee Love Unravelled by UrsulaDee I told you so by UrsulaDee

Do You Remember?

eagerly our lips meet, we felt our passions rise, close, closer still, tighter became our embrace, so much so I could feel your heart pound…

My Loved Ones

My heart is oh so heavy, my eyes begin to fill with tears. / I feel such sadness as I think back over the years, of wasted moments, of oppo…

Foolish Love, foolish heart.

So many tears have been cried over you, why oh why did you have to be so cruel?

The Day

The Day You Came into my life, I knew then, my life had begun.


I feel so much love for you, it is so deep,deep in my soul, I just can’t find the words to let you know.
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