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Friday Comics - A list of...

I am hoping to create a comic every Friday and I will keep adding the link to each of them to the list below.

My babies, Kissy and Max, are my muses, with the help of my partner, Rajiv. Creating these little comics is my way of documenting the funny little things that I encounter in my life.

Friday Comics

Max plays with a see-saw
January 20, 2011

Kissy and Max go window shopping
December 17, 2010

Meet Max
December 10, 2010

Max and Kissy play dress-up
December 3, 2010

Kissy plays a prank on Max
November 26, 2010

My dog is so inconsiderate sometimes
November 19, 2010

Someone needs to lay off the kibble
November 12, 2010

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