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Todays time is...

Today is Monday, the 1st of June, its hard to believe that six months ago i was in Varanasi on a rooftop dancing to Hindi tracks that blarred repetitively into the misty night.

For some reason today being a Monday, doesn’t feel like a Monday, I sit and wonder what is the reason for this, i realise that my dis-identification with the concept of time has really left me in a mental space with alot more flexibility and freedom, it is worth saying though that although I am not completely identified with time, I am still aware of its being there, the reality is that in this “relative reality” (the reality of forms and time, man made) we run by the clock time, which is all fine, but to realise that it is just a man made concept and not actually “reality” (formless, no space, no time) is somewhat liberating.

But its been quite a hard thing to strike a balance, since discovering such truths.
On one extreme level we have monks, or spiritual gurus, whom dedicate their entire life to be living in the formless/timeless world, thats fine, but for us who do live in a regular Western society, where “time is money” is the slogan of the day and many people all around us are deeply identified with form, it is a little hard to see where it is that we can fit in.

This is not aimed at giving any answers, but simply a discussion with myself (and for anyone that is interested in reading), aimed at articulating why time for me right now is not of absolute importance as it once used to be.

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