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“My photography needs to be a struggle- starts with a feeling and everything comes from there. Metamorphosis.- begins to shape the ART. Alive, Real, Timeless”…

Thankyou Mr. Klaus for your art work on Red bubble . Note to all : I have twice purchased , Klaus’s work from this site and am delighted at the quality and recommend that every one purchase Klaus’ artistry . Even the cards are very reasonably priced .

Hi Klaus,
I’ve listed your fantastic book in Portrait section of BestPhotographyBooks.com. You do a really great job, very inspiring. in the top 50 portrait books…
“The Art Within Portrait Photography”
All the best,
Mick Daniel

Enhanced boat

The Great Wall of China

Moon Rise

Sassy but nice


Carolia Creek

“whispering trees” was featured in The World As We See It …


sister’s secrets


faces never lie


response to the image- love has no time limit-
Our wedding portrait still hangs proudly in our home. It’s one of my favorite images! Cheers Craig
love has no time limit

way cool



only a memory



wedding music

flying eagles


flower girl

just so sweet


music lesson

my little angel


hanging 2


china beach

family environment




glow from within

candid communication


A Treasured Moment

mothers pride

First book 50 principles of composition in photography
Can be ordered on line- Amazon and book stores

My second book shares my thoughts about my feelings and ideas as i made each photo and wrote an essay on each photo.

Can be ordered on line- Amazon and book stores

can only be ordered form pa@photographicartvictoria.com

My passion is portraits and writing books as well as making fine art photography which I embellish as well.

My brand is “feeling more deeply about photography”

I have also made Bromoils as well as Giclee and fine art paper from Europe.

Wall Decor for Homes and Offices

A new way of enhancing wall decor in homes and offices to create a warm and positive feeling to the environment, we live in and work in. Like looking through a window the beauty of nature is stimulating to the senses. As we create our environment, photographs can add to this pleasure when nature is not available, choosing inspiration, beauty and comfort through art photographs of choice.

Our senses are so fine tuned by past experiences that we can imagine what we see with all our sense, seeing, feeling…My brand is “feeling more deeply about photography” For me it is all about the feeling I get when I enjoy and study a fine piece of art being moved by it’s beauty.

Wall decor has enchanted many cultures from the beginning of time. Wall paintings and drawings were part of their living for enjoyment and decor for coming generations. The saying that we become “what we think about”, perhaps is so true. We become influenced by what we see every day. Our environment plays a large part in our lives.

I had the fortune to be given the privilege to learn photography right after high school. On a trip to Europe with two of my buddies who had wonderful cameras, this frustrated me but also intrigued me. I learned art in school mostly sketching, perhaps that is why I like fine black and white photography the most.

I took courses and worked for a studio on weekends photographing weddings. When the boss asked me to open a studio in another town I felt it may be time for me to start my own after some more courses that I needed. The most difficult thing for all photographers, is how to run a business, I was no exception. In time all went well and I needed a new challenge so I decided to add to my load, teaching because I was told if you want to learn something teach it. Well, this is true I can vouch for it, I needed to learn a great deal before I could teach, so others would pay me to teach. One question came up; what is the name of your course? I struggled with this and came up with my slogan at that time, which is my brand today “feeling more deeply about photography”. If I could teach that, then I have done my best to help others to enjoy their profession. My endeavor is to promote photographic art in wall decor as a collection and investment. Wall decor for homes and offices will grow and become affordable art in our day and generation!

Many years later I moved to Victoria British Columbia from Moose Jaw Saskatchewan where I had a studio for 25 years Photography by Klaus Bohn LTD; and then started over with my two sons how great a privileged that was a new beginning with my new name Photographic Art. Now I am on my own again writing books, teach and running a small studio in Victoria. Also I am branching out in producing Art work for wall decor, in homes and offices in North America, especially giclee with hand embellishing which is my favorite Art.

A love for life

I love life I have experienced life and want to experience more of life in every safe and interesting way, to stretch my experiences to the limit. Love all that there is to love in this life. I have had the opportunity to fly with the snowbirds as a photographer…So many privileges has been afforded to me in my profession, to travel all over the world and make a living in photography since I turned 25 year old. Portraits are my passion to create an image from reality to art. To communicate verbally is an art but to stretch ones self and speak with photographic art, my business name.

www.photographicartvictoria.com” has been my joy and delight, to share and be passionate my brand is “feeling more deeply about photography” and it also is extended to my relationships. As the saying goes we live life once and I feel like I have lived many life times worth of experiences and will continue to endeavor moment by moment in this pursuit. So hang on and feel the wind and enjoy the sun experience the present moment in life! Every minute in which we are awake in and experience it fully is being born again a new. What more can I say but that is what life means to me and relationships must mean and do mean in the most lived and fully awake experience…When you not only look at my work I hope you can see my passion and feel my heart beating with joy and excitement right to the pit of ones stomach and if you miss this experience then maybe you could read my books “50 principles of composition in photography” and “the art within portrait photography” and my work in progress is “the illusion in photography”.My love for photography is filled with passion but what is greater then making images from a camera, is the continual process that affords the arts liberty to create our own expressions so an individual is born a unique artist a unicorn, one of a kind and that is what I prized most highly, above measure to make an image so original that it begs comparisons! I value what is possible today by printing Giclee (on water color paper and then continue the process by painting my added impressions…Photographic art lens itself to wall décor for homes and offices practically every were it is possible to hang a artistic image one that speaks to the viewer or at least can enhance- the area and enable the environment to be more hospitable; incorporate a space to enjoy and make it home friendly, even in an office.
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Elephant showering the rider…
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selling on rb

Hi thanks for u r comment- May i add what i am doing about it now. Favs- are just lip services if i would have to buy a pick for each fav I would give very little complements or get maybe non. / I wondered y people weren’t buying my photos even though they said they like my work. I started with RB in the middle of DEC. last year. I have been a successful portrait photographer for 30 years so i kn…
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