Memories get sweet with time, like walking on the beach watching the sun come up together,
promises that we make and mean to last for ever, The homes we stayed in the people we met,
theres things we try to remember and theres things we try to forget, stuff that happened that we can live with,
and other stuff that we regret,
Memories come from time that takes up our life the mistakes most people make are left behind,
others are waiting for us tomorrow and so on,
Memories of being seven and sewing the worlds ugliest purse but my grandma thought it was the best,
others thought it was the worest,
Being fourteen and at camp meeting the true love of my life but being scared and doing something
I must live with all my life,
It’s funny how destany works though one minute people will be throughing you off the face of the earth,
the next your there hero,
Memories of the people you knew, you hated, of the ones you loved and lost,
the leasons that you learned from them are the true leasons that were tought,
Memories can be funny or sad, emotional and bad but we have them for a reason,
to know where we’ve been and have an idea of were we are going and for as long as people are living,
the love and memories are growing, don’t let them lingure and bring you down but begin knew ones,
that will make you feel good about others and about your self.

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