2010 - a little review

I always like to take a little glance back at the highlights for me of the year gone, and share some snippets with others.

records always tend to figure highly in memories of the year, so for your interest, my favourite albums this year are
1: queen of denmark – John Grant
2: le noise – Neil Young
3: wonder show of the world – bonnie prince billy & the cairo gang
4: the courage of others – midlake
5: the breadwinner – Shannon stephens ( really 2009 but only got this year)
6: heres to taking it easy – Phosphorescent

one of the greatest pleasures was sharing the stage at the Maverick Festival with my dear friend Holly Burton ( hollyann). It was such a great day, the weather was balmy and it was over far too quickly. The next day we recorded our second single which I put out on my fledgling label, treetops records. It would truly be a dream to be able to do this somehow for a living..moreover, it is just great sharing the moment with someone, creating something we can look back on and be proud of.

Also, my arrival on redbubble has proved to be a bit of a turning point for me. not only have I discovered some incredible writing, photography and design, and found new friends, but It has totally raised my game as far as writing goes. i have so enjoyed having this amazing outlet, and have been totally overwhelmed by the feedback and support. it has been totally motivating and actually I have found as much pleasure, sometimes more, from writing rather than music. This also resulted in me self publishing a second book of poems, and I hope to do a third in the new year. So thanks to everyone here, it really is so appreciated.

there have been too many trips to hospital for visits, and also friends who have found themselves struggling in one way or another. I know as I get older this becomes more of a theme, but still it is a shame when the sadder moments show up. that said there have been some moments of pure amazement, just days when the sky seemed bluer, the food tasted better and the laughter was louder. those days are what im hoping for most in 2011.

the peregrine falcon that flew over the house, and the pair of little owls at the cemetery were two ornithological highlights.

the new hens continue to be a source of wonder, each day they make me smile, and each night when I go to the house and think of them contentedly dreaming their chicken-y dreams I just feel, well, content!

so what will 2011 bring. more of the good, less of the bad I hope, for me and everyone.

wishing you all a peaceful holiday season.

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