• Made from 100% polyester woven fabric
  • Wide, soft drawcord that’s easy on your shoulders
  • Durable quality metal grommets
  • Long-lasting printed design on both front and back


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Old Log Cabin on the Prairies
Designed by Larry Trupp
*Featured in:* *Dilapidated Buildings...1 March 2013* *Tell Your Photo Story..26 May 2011* *The World As We See It, or As You See It..26 May 2011* Captured off PTH 231 west of Fraserwood Manitoba, Canada. Not sure how old this one is, probably in the late 1800 hundreds, or early 1900 hundreds. Folks say it been in this area for a long, long time, as you can clearly it was built, with the use of logs. Canon XTi, w 55mm Lens, AV 5.6, Shutter speed 1/160, ISO 100 *Oh, the little ol' log cabin, it's a solemn shinin' mark, When a feller gits ter sinnin' an' a-goin' ter the wall, An' folks don't understand him an' he's gropin' in the dark, An' he's sick of bein' cursed at an' he's longin' fer his call! When the sun of life's a-sinkin' you can see it 'way above, On the hill from out the shadder in a glory 'gin the sky, An' your mother's voice is callin', an' her arms are stretched in love, An' somehow you're glad you're goin', an' you ain't a-scared to die; When you'll be like a kid again an' nestle to her breast, An' never leave its shelter, an' forget, an' love, an' rest.* Poem by Author...Robert William Service *Other related images...Click on any of the images below, to view/buy or leave comments..* !http://ih2.redbubble.net/work.4415515.42.mtd,375x360,n,s,VGhlIExpdHRsZSBPbGQgTG9nIENhYmlu,ffffff.jpg!:http://www.redbubble.com/people/umpa1/art/4415515-the-little-old-log-cabin !http://ih3.redbubble.net/work.4745655.43.mtd,375x360,n,s,QWxvbmUgb24gdGhlIFN0YXJrIFByYWlyaWU%3D,ffffff.jpg!:http://www.redbubble.com/people/umpa1/art/4745655-alone-on-the-stark-prairie !http://ih0.redbubble.net/work.4060453.42.mtd,375x360,n,s,QUJBTkRPTkVE,ffffff.jpg!:http://www.redbubble.com/people/umpa1/art/4060453-abandoned !http://ih0.redbubble.net/work.2214295.41.mtd,375x360,n,s,SSdtIGxlYW5pbmcgdG8gdGhlIHJpZ2h0LCBkb2VzIHRoYXQgbWFrZSBtZSBDb25zZXJ2YXRpdmU_Pz8%3D,ffffff.jpg!:http://www.redbubble.com/people/umpa1/art/2214295-im-leaning-to-the-right-does-that-make-me-conservative !http://ih1.redbubble.net/work.6266386.3.mtd,375x360,n,s,QWxsIEFsb25lIG9uIHRoZSBTdGFyayBQcmFpcmll,ffffff.jpg!:http://www.redbubble.com/people/umpa1/art/6266386-all-alone-on-the-stark-prairie

Drawstring Bag

Old Log Cabin on the Prairies by Larry Trupp