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Yellow Rumped Warbler
Designed by Larry Trupp
*3452 views/37 faves/17 April 2015* *Featured in:* *Songbirds of North America…1 May 2011* *The Birds Group* *Good News Group - Sharing & Caring* *Animal Kingdom Group* *Cee's Fun Artsy Friends* *DSLR Users Only - 1/24* *Captured in my backyard, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.* This poor little warbler flew into my neighbor's front window, and has stunned himself. I placed him in a safe place in my yard, and will check on his status later on in the day. Hopefully he will survive....*GOOD NEWS FOLKS*...I just went to check on him, and he just flew away. *Overview Yellow-rumped Warbler: Medium warbler, dark-streaked, blue-gray upperparts, yellow rump. White throat and belly, black breast. The head is black with yellow crown, white eye-rings, and faint eyestripes. Wings are dark with yellow shoulder patches and two white bars. Tail is dark with white corners.* *Range and Habitat Yellow-rumped Warbler: Breeds from northern Alaska, northern Manitoba, central Quebec, and Newfoundland south and west to northern Mexico and east to Michigan, northern New York, Massachusetts, and Maine. Spends winters from the southern part of its breeding range southward into the tropics. A highly adaptable bird found in a variety of habitats including coniferous forests, mixed woodlands, deciduous forests, pine plantation, bogs, forest edges, and openings. In the winter, it is often found in brushy thickets of bayberry and wax myrtle.* *Some interesting facts* *The Yellow-rumped Warbler is one of the most common warblers in North America.* *The eastern Myrtle and western Audubon forms were once considered separate species. Easily identified from one another, the Myrtle has a white throat, while the Audubon’s is yellow.* *Able to digest 80% of wax-coated berries such as bayberries, the Yellow-rumped Warbler is capable of wintering farther north than any other warbler.* *A group of warblers has many collective nouns, including a "bouquet", "confusion", "fall", and "wrench" of warblers.* Here is their entertaining *"Song":* Camera Details: Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi, 55mm Lens, Aperture exp 6.3, Shutter speed 1/200, ISO 400
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Yellow Rumped Warbler by Larry Trupp