Larry Trupp

Winnipeg, Canada

A self taught amateur photographer who resides in beautiful Winnipeg, Manitoba, which is a prairie city in the center of Canada. My dear...

A SALE, and FEATURES for the MONTH of OCTOBER, 2009

I am extremely happy to announce A SALE, and My FEATURES FOR THE MONTH OF OCTOBER 2009.
Once again my heartfelt thanks for all of you good folks for visiting my Homepage, and leaving your precious comments…Special thanks to all the moderator’s for all their continued work of excellence. Thanks a *Million Folks your contined support*

I sold a laminated print of this image to an anonymous purchaser on the 28 October 2009…Thanks ever so much

Featured in the ImageWriting (2/24) group on 17 October 2009

Featured in the Bits and Pieces group on 19 October 2009

Featured in the ImageWriting (2/24) group on 17 October 2009

Featured in Wildflowers of North America group on 15 October 2009

Featured in the Americas ~ Rural, Urban, Wild and Free group on 12 October 2009
Featured in the PEACE, LOVE & TRANQUILITY group on 30 September 2009.
Featured in the Colour and Light group on 29 September 2009

Featured in the Mans Best Friend’s (Dogs only) group on 8 October 2009.

Featured in the COUNTRY ROADS / around the world group on 2 October 2009.

Featured in Canon DSLR (One Image Per Day group on 5 October 2009
Featured in ImageWriting (2/24) group on October 4 2009.
Thanks to all you Members of RedBubble for your continued support…*You are the GREATEST*… Take care now Folks, Thanks for popping by…*Larry*

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