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‘Yes We Can’ – Obama…
‘No We Can’t’ – Celente
Gerald Celente

RHINEBECK, NY, 14 November 2008 – Barack Obama was elected President on a slogan “Yes We Can,” and a promise of sweeping “change.” But the slogan is an empty one and the promise has already been broken, asserts Gerald Celente, Trends Research Institute Director.

Obama’s win was an unquestionable victory for racial justice; it proved the color barrier could be breached. However, under the new administration the promised “change” will be minimal. And, as usual, the citizenry will play no role in shaping government policy.

The Slogan

Obama’s “Yes We Can,” mantra captivated much of America and mesmerized the Obama faithful into believing that “we” means them.

“This is demonstrably wishful thinking,” says Mr. Celente. "’We’ is not them. The people have no say. Obama has already tipped his hand. Even before the election, he was instrumental in pushing through the $700 billion bailout despite the opposition of some 80 percent of the “We’s.’”

Opposition to the bailout ran as much as 500 to one among those who personally contacted their representatives. Overwhelming hostility for the bailout had no effect upon candidate Obama. If this is a precedent, it means that President Obama can be relied upon to pay only lip service to the populace while doing real service to the special interests who financed his way to the top.

The Promise

“As for ‘change,’ President elect Obama has already reneged on his solemn pledge to rid the Capitol of cronies and insiders; to bring in fresh faces and new ideas,” said Celente.

Long before the Election Day ballots had been cast, candidate Obama had picked Rahm Emanuel and John Podesta for the crucial positions of Chief of Staff and transition leader, respectively. Both are quintessential cronies, pedigreed insiders. It would be difficult to find two individuals who better represent the breed.

Known among the Beltway crowd as Rahmbo for his ruthless political tactics, foul mouth and abrasive manner, Congressman Rahm Emanuel served in the Clinton White House as a top strategist, is currently chair of the Democratic Caucus and fourth ranking in the House leadership.

John Podesta served as Bill Clinton’s chief of staff. His lobbying firm, ranked the third most powerful by the Washingtonian, counts among its clients the oil-giant BP, defense industry corporations Lockheed Martin and General Dynamics, biotech firms Genentech and Amgen, Swiss pharmaceutical corporation Novartis, and Wal-Mart.

Pursuing the same path to grapple with the “greatest economic challenge of our lifetime,” Obama sought advice from top ranking public and private sector experts also with strong Clinton Clan ties, i.e., insiders and cronies. Chief among them: were former Clinton Treasury Secretaries Larry Summers and Robert Rubin, both instrumental in creating legislation that dismantled Depression era banking and trading safeguards (Glass-Steagall Act) designed to constrain the power of Wall Street and put limits on the excesses of bankers and brokers.

The new laws, (more accurately, the absence of law) crafted and promoted by Summers and Rubin among others, signed by Bill Clinton and rigorously enforced by George W. Bush led directly to the “greatest economic challenge of our lifetime.” This is the financial/economic debacle that currently engulfs the entire planet, and from which there is no conceivable or foreseeable escape, at least not in the short or mid-term future.

“Going to Summers, Rubin, Reich, Tyson, Volker and the rest of them to fix the economy is like fighting the War on Crime by bringing in Al Capone, Meyer Lansky, Bugsy Seagal, and Machine Gun Kelly,” said Celente.

“‘Yes, we can,’ sounds good but it is a delusion, ‘No, we can’t.’ Nobody can, given the current socio-political and philosophical make-up of the nation. And, unfortunately, Obama’s promise of ‘change’ is already revealed as a fraud,” he concluded. “That won’t change either.”

Gerald Celente
Founder/Director, The Trends Research Institute
Publisher, The Trends Journal
Telephone: 845.876.6700 – Ext. 4

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