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What is reality?

With open hands I touch my mirror
A moment of darkness becomes much clearer
As my body transcends in its realm
I am entranced and totally overwhelmed

Darkness subsides and a dream-like effect
Takes over my being, in every aspect.
So light, so free and yet so confused
As to where I am although slightly enthused

Have I fallen, am I dreaming,
What is this space where I am standing
Am I standing or maybe lying
Nothing around to get my bearing

A sudden rush of warmth surrounds me
A gentle heart-beat resonates within me
My need for breath becomes reality
My mind is pure and free from memory

A push, a shove, breaks up my world
As things around begin to swirl
A painful slap to make me cry
Re-birthed to give it another try

©Elisabeth Dubois Dec – 2011


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