Doll Memento Mori Photo Prints.

Before you crap yourself and call the law this is a photo of a DOLL.A DOLL I MADE.No babies,coffins or cameras were hurt in the making of these photos.I do have to say I feel hurt,because Manxy snuck up behind the background and scared me while taking the photos.I should contact the proper internet authorities because my cat startled me.That is what the net is for right,a place where you can report others for upsetting your sensibilities?
I took some photos of my Memento Mori,Sleeping Beauty doll which I made and is in my private collection.I have been wanting to do some Memento Mori style photos with it.And I did and I’m selling some prints of it on my website in the Gift Shop:Art prints section <a href="">;/a&gt;
They are 15.00 for a 8 X 12 inch photo print,30.00 for a 20X30 inch print.
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