It's Been A Blessed Week, Thank You!! :D


I’m back! My parents hopped on the flight back to Singapore last night and my husband and I had such a terrfic time with them the last 2 days! :D They came over to my place…guess who was the centre of attention? Udon, my chow chow :D They really adore him to bits and I was so glad Udon behaved himself yesterday by not barking excessively :D My parents have all this while been very concerned about my life here in Thailand ever since I made the decision to uproot myself from Singapore 18 months ago. I have very sweet memories of them in this trip….I will never forget how their faces lighted up so radiantly the moment they saw us on the first day and I am certainly very blessed to have spent these 2 days showing them around and catching up with them. My heart is just overflowing with so

A Quick Note

Hi Friends!

Just a quick note to say that I may not be able to comment or reply much the next few days because my parents will be here in Bangkok for a visit ^ _ ^ I’ll be back in full force by Thursday! Meanwhile, happy bubbling! (You dont have to reply to this:D)

Meet My Italian Friend, Lucia Salemi! ^ _ ^

I count it a great fortune to have met Lucia Salemi over at Zazzle. This Italian children book author illustrator really knows how to grip the hearts of her audience with her bright cheery humorous artworks,both delightful for kids and their grown ups! :D She’s also here in RB and only joined us like 2-3 months ago. Many of you may not have seen her works yet so I am compelled to write this journal so that more of us can be acquainted with this talented lady!

Singing Cats

Cute Kitten In Winter

True Love- Forever Friends

Lucia has some really great stuff over at her Zazzle gallery:

Have fun getting to know Lucia and her wonderful characters!! ^ _ ^

A Crazy Week!

It has been quite a crazy week here in Bangkok. I’m sure some of you may have heard or read about the crisis that we are facing here. The international airport here in Bangkok was sieged by the anti-government protesters(more than 50,000 of them I think)…about 5 days ago. The airport had to be shut down and many tourists are unable to fly back, there’s no news as to when the airport will be reopened. The anti-government protesters issued an ultimatum,theywould not leave the airport unless the current Prime MInister resigns. It seems that the Prime Minister has no plans to do so. As such, one of the trapped tourist is my Singaporean friend. Poor guy, he has to travel all the way to another province to catch the flight back to Singapore. We also have a fellow bubbler, Kim who is now holiday…

This Was How Me And My Owls Looked Like 5 Years Ago.....

I found this old photo and I thought it will be fun to share with everyone here ;D This was taken 5 years ago…when I was only 27…and living in Bangkok because of work assignments. I never thought of taking up painting, that was the last thing on my mind because I was so busy working and the corporate pace of life in Singapore is really crazy! Things took for a change the 2 years when I was in Bangkok…due to the much slower pace of life…I felt my mind could have more space for other things other than work. Partly due to my ex-boyfriend’s (who’s now my husband) influence, I took up painting as a hobby :D That was how I entered the world of painting so to speak…just a little sharing of my history here. I’ve been painting owls since day 1 and it feels funny looking back at these older owl pai…

Features And Sale! Thank You!! ^ _ ^

I havent got any features for my works for a long while and I’m really thankful to the hosts of Owl Artwork for featuring these 2 artworks :D

A Celebration Of Life

Life’s A Boomerang

And many thanks too to the hosts of Thank You Redbubble for featuring my tribute to my fellow bubblers here! :D

Love means being surrounded by redbubblers everyday

I had a very nice surprise this morning when Siamkatze bought a card of my latest artwork which was just uploaded this morning. I’m so happy to hear that this piece speaks to her ^ _ ^

Quiet Moments

These are some gorgeous photographs from Siamkatze gallery ^ _ ^ Enjoy!!

Looking Through The Window Of Your Soul



Black Velvet Raspberries

Thanks so much for reading!! :D

Thrilled, Thrilled, Thrilled by Calendars! ^ _ ^

Yes! It was a day of triple thrills when I discovered I sold 3 of my zazzle calendars to a fellow zazzler :D Days like these are rare, so I was super thrilled. They are my first calendar sales, happy to have made some sales before 2008 comes to a close:D…

This is a collection of Ophelia portraits using pastels-acrylic on paper and wood :D

This consists my acrylic paintings of Ophelia, Phoebe and Mel, a calendar that celebrates life and friendship :D

This is also Ophelia :D She’s a finger puppet toy, less than 4 inches tall. In it consists my photography of her and her flral buddies :D

If you have not had the chance to view my calendars here on RB, here they are:

Loving Friends, Loving Life

Ophelia’s Thought Realm

Ophelia’s Friends

I will take in customisation requests too :D Perhaps

Thank You Very Much,Friends!! ^ _ ^

I had an exciting 3 days, made 5 sales, 3 from RB and 2 from Zazzle :D I am thrilled to find out 3 of my works from RB were purchased from artists whom works I adore, cant thank them enough for their purchases and support! Do visit their galleries to view their unique offerings :D…

I want to thank Anita for purchasing a Chill Out laminated print! Anita’s going to give it as a gift to her niece :D

Here are some of Anita’s fabulous pen and ink artworks!

Time For Tea- Victorianna

Mad Hatters Tea Party

Three Blind Mice

I want to thank Amy-Lee Foley for purchasing a card of Life’s a Boomerang

Here are some of Amy’s sweet and whimsical works! :D

Love Is In The Air


I Love You

I want to thank Karin for purchasing a card of Phoebe In Klimt :D

Here are some of Karin’s amazing artworks

Very Thankful Indeed!!! ^ _ ^

I just returned from visiting my parents in Singapore less than 48 hours ago….and so happy I made 3 sales during that period :D…

Before I boarded the plane, I thought of just checking my emails….and to my surprise, I found I sold a card of Paint The World A Better Place to JakkiO . Thank you once again, Jak!! Very happy to know it spoke to you and I hope this piece will give you some fresh inspiration in your life!

Paint The World A Better Place

I also found out I sold a Chill Out mug over at zazzle!

Chill Out Mug

Some of my other Chill Out merchandise at Zazzle Gallery:

  • Zazzle is having a $3 off the price of all their tees from now til 4th November! Use code 3OFFZAZZLETS when checking out your carts :D

And just this morning, I was thrilled to find out I sold my first mounted print to

Some Good News :D


It’s been a great week, getting wedded and having people purchased my works, I have lots of reasons to smile these days :D

Firstly, I’m pleased to share with you that one of my work was selected to be part of the Compassion Courage Friendship book published by Redbubble :D I’m also very happy to receive the $100 RB voucher too….I take it as a wedding gift from RB,haha! :D

I’ve also started a button collection with these buttons I have purchased from zazzle.Some of these designs are also from our fellow bubblers, can you tell which ones? :D

I made some 10 sales at zazzle over the last 1 week plus at zazzle, thanks to the many on going promotions that are going on at zazzle :D These are some of the items I sold:

desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait