My New RB Gallery And New Zazzle Store! :D :D :D


Udonchow has expanded! I have started another gallery here in RB, it’ called smile4me :D I decided to journal about this again(in greater details :D) because I’ve been pretty low profile about it and have not made much publicity about it. smile4me is a gallery showcasing my toys photography, yes Ophelia appears on photos too! View all my other toys and dolls in natural green settings and read the mini short stories that I have written about them too :D

In addition, I have also started another Zazzle store called Heartworks that sells my toy photography stuff. Below are the shoes that I have designed from my Heartworks store, I am in the midst of designing more :D In moments like this, I wish I can have extra pairs of hands and more hours! I’m now managing 2 RBs and 2 Zazzles….and at the same time, I still painting and drawing…which is something which I do not want to stop :D The reason of the expansion (or some call it segregation) between the fine arts and photography is mainly because the concepts and appearance of the works are very different. Thank you so much for your love and support towards me and my work thus far, I am deeply appreciative!! :D :D :D

Feel most welcome to visit smile4me gallery here in RB and my Heartworks ! Thanks for viewing! :D


“Hoot Hoot!”

“Goldie Belle”

“BB aka Black Bunny”

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