Another Great Workshop Day

Huge thanks to Tony and our model of the day Jennifer.

Today was my second shoot with Tony and a group of five other photographers as part of an Empowered Beauty Workshop.

I tell you now I don’t know how the models do it, but they do. Stand there and looks so perfect with six people hovering around snap, snap, snapping away and at today’s location, also having a whole lot more strangers gawking at what we are doing.

Jennifer did an amazing job. While she protests that it doesn’t come natural to her, I’m sure you’ll agree when you see the photos that we took, she does a damn good job faking it.

So if you’re like me, a photographer who has done other things (like estate openings, landscapes, sports) but not a lot of people. I thoroughly recommend taking one of Tony’s workshops. It will give you great opportunity to become more comfortable with giving direction to a model and interacting with the model in general.

It also helps having six minds working together, seeing all the possibilities in a setting.

Today we shot in one street in Collingwood, but it seems like it could have be several different locations. Tony is great at finding locations where you’d least expect it.

Oh well I gotta get back to going through the photos from today… you should see them online very soon.

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