Zombie Presidents-Why I picked the Undead

I actually started drawing presidential candidates as zombies back in 2008, but I didn’t try to market it back then. I was too busy with work in 2012, but now that I’m back to drawing, and especially with these candidates, I couldn’t pass it up. These are terribly fun to do, the challenge is to do a good portrait with these drastic and disgusting changes to the face, so that it still looks like the person you’re making fun of. I’ve learned that if you wish to improve your skills, in art or anything else, it really pays to focus on doing things that are hard. It’s easy to do the things you’re already good at, but we learn more from challenges and making mistakes. Drawing zombie presidents requires not only portrait skills, but also a knowledge of anatomy and how it works, at least if you want it to look believable. I"d highly recommend it to any artist for the exercise, and besides, it really is fun :)

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