Me and Cats

Well, I’ve been pretty inactive here for awhile. My health is crap, I’ve passed the self portraiture expiration date, and am stuck in this house most of the time, but I do have an amazing and beautiful family of cats that literally showed up on my doorstep last November. So cat pictures!The mother is Fizgig. She has unusual fur, some tortie, some tabby, some white, some diluted and some dark. She would leap out of the bushes and hiss at me every time I opened the front door for the first few days after she moved into the holly bush. The first time she have me a headbutt, she did it WHILE HISSING. Since coming inside the house, she’s shown NO interest in the outside. None. Doesn’t even look out the windows. I think she had a very hard time when she lived on the streets. She makes patterns and lines with her toys and meows to bring our attention to new patterns. It’s very odd and I’ve been documenting it here her five months to willingly socialize with the humans of the house. She was never aggressive and would allow petting, but never approached. Now she’s much more friendly. She dotes on the other cats, especially her babydaddy Charlie Brown. She loves him sooooo much.When he first came around, a day after the others, I thought he might hurt the kittens and tried to chase him off. Fizgig rushed at me and hissed, then Sally ran up and started playing with him so I knew he was OK. After that he would often be waiting at the front door, staring in with his big round hea. Fizgig would go roaming for awhile most nights and he’d stay with the kittens while she was gone. They would sleep with the kittens sandwiched between them on cold nights. I’m thankful every day that I didn’t succeed in chasing him away, he’s the sweetest cat ever. He’s a gigantic bruiser of a cat but is so meek that he’ll let all of the others steal his food. He’s very talkative and cuddly and I love him to pieces. He was covered in scabs when I took him in, his ears are knicked and one fang is chipped. He’s very mellow, it compliments Fizgigs spazziness well.Then there are the kittens, Ludo and Sally. There was a third that I called spot, but she disappeared one night before I could take them in.Ludo is the problem child. He’s not much of a problem, but more than the others. He loves food too much and gets so excited about it that he will bite my calves until I get it dished up. It leaves bruises, cuts, and welts. He’s gotten better about it as he’s grown but still does it. And he’ll eat until he vomits, so he has to be separated from the others at mealtimes or he’ll scarf down his food, then theirs, and then it’s a mess. He also FREAKS OUT when he sees strange cats in the yard. Otherwise he’s adorable. Has little beady eyes and a grating meow that is so cute, and a loong tail. He’s very slinky, makes me think of a little cheetah. He hates to get in trouble and get shut out of rooms and will roll all over our feet purring after he’s allowed back in.Sally is the lone wolf and runt of the litter. She’s still very small and I doubt will grow larger. She’s the boldest one, and looooves to hunt bugs. She’s really only a lone wolf in ways, she’ll explore by herself and doesn’t like to sleep in a pile with the others, she needs some personal space, but she doesn’t like to be too far from them. When Fizgig sleeps on my bed Sally will meow and bring toys to try to lure her out with the rest of them, and she’s almost always in the same room with Ludo. She tends to greet us by squeaking and stretching her right leg. She wants to play late at night when the others are sleeping and will meow at me then lead me around the house, usually ending with her flopping on a box wanting to be petted.I think it took about 3 weeks of them living on the porch before we could take them in. We already had my cat Smokey and had to try to acclimate them, and get Smokeys shots updated, and get them their shots, and I didn’t want to bring them in until right before I had their spay/neuter scheduled. Thought there could be trouble from Charlie towards Smokey if he came in before. They came in a little early, though, because an ice storm was coming. Smokey died shortly after. He was old, had been thin and raggedy for awhile. It was one of the reasons I was so quick to decide to take in the others. I can’t stand the thought of life without a cat, and knew if Smokey died before we had another, it would be a long time before my husband would be ready to get another. I miss Smokey, and I miss my sweet dog Patches who died a couple of years ago, but having this whole family of cats has been wonderful and made the loss easier to bear.Anyways… Cats! I’ve spent the past couple of days uploading some of my favorite pictures of them from the past year, hope you enjoy.

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