Me and Cats

Well, I’ve been pretty inactive here for awhile. My health is crap, I’ve passed the self portraiture expiration date, and am stuck in this house most of the time, but I do have an amazing and beautiful family of cats that literally showed up on my doorstep last November. So cat pictures!The mother is Fizgig. She has unusual fur, some tortie, some tabby, some white, some diluted and some dark. She would leap out of the bushes and hiss at me every time I opened the front door for the first few days after she moved into the holly bush. The first time she have me a headbutt, she did it WHILE HISSING. Since coming inside the house, she’s shown NO interest in the outside. None. Doesn’t even look out the windows. I think she had a very hard time when she lived on the s…


Hello, everyone. Just wanted to drop a quick line to let you know I’ve succumbed to twitter. I don’t know if I will be very active there, but I guess I’ll give it a shot. Anyway, come find me if you want.

oh-- and if interested....

Oh, and if anyone wants to see part of what I’ve been up to during this time, here is a link to the movie we made. Take into consideration a few things: we had a budget of literally about $30; NO ONE helped with this, it was just me, my husband, and my son doing everything; our equipment isn’t the best. Here’s the trailer:

and here’s the whole thing— it’s 42 minutes.

Oh and also I have to act in it for a little part and I HATE ACTING and I suck at it, but there was no one else to do it.

Hello again!

Hello everyone. I am back around, at least for today, and trying to catch up with the bubblemails. If you were worried I am SO sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner to let you know things were ok, it’s just been MONTHS since I have looked at anything here. I just needed some cocooning time, mostly. Had a bad pain spell, fell off the photography horse with that and then just didn’t get back on for a long time and tried to figure some things out, then got busy with our video projects. Anyway, I am ok, still lacking a bit in inspiration but at least trying again.

blah blah blah and any suggestions?

stuck in a rut. haven’t been feeling too great and its been WAY humid (and me with humidity hair is NOT GOOD, i turn into rosanna rosannadanna) so attempts at sp’s have left me wanting to jump off a building because of the bad hair and just profound lack of energy and life i see in the results. so since that’s not working for me and i’d rather give my body a rest than keep beating a dead horse (when i actually have some inspiration i’ll do more again, should be as soon as the dampness goes away) i’ve been trying to put more energy into promotion and am just at a loss. can any of you suggest any promotional outlets (free ones) (that do not require massive bandwidth because i do not have it) that i might be suited for? or places to submit work? i’ve found a few things but only a few. …

mojo? where are you, mojo?

maaaaaaaaaaaaaaan, i have so lost my mojo! hubby had last week off and there just wasn’t time to keep up with things so i didn’t try, and now? i’m still just being lazy and can’t get motivated. HAVE to get back to the 365 deal, even though it’s a bit of a farce now. the discipline of that is what kept my ass on track.

Confused babble that has nothing to do with redbubble

I’m really confused about something stupid and need to babble about it, and choose here to babble it because it is removed from the situation. I’ve been having facebook ISSUES. Basically, it stresses me out bad, I can’t explain, so I’ve just been avoiding it, using for promotion and very quick catch-ups with people, and have decided to just REALLY ignore it from here on out. There are a handful of people I still will use it to keep in touch with, almost all people I have known in real life. There is ONE I haven’t that I really want to keep in touch with, too. One. AND I JUST FIND OUT HE DEFRIENDED ME! and at least 2 others I’m surprised by. That he defriended, not that defriended me. So I am like WTF? Last I knew we were on good terms. This is the thing. If I ask the dude why …


I’m on a t-shirt spree because it’s been awhile since I have done that and they are what actually sells. I did 3 of images I thought would do well as shirts, but do any of you have any other suggestions? Things I already have that would be good in shirt form? I don’t feel like coming up with new designs, I really just don’t get much satisfaction from the whole shirt thing, so really just want to use what’s already there, but I’m having trouble finding anymore that I think would work.

Massive Price Reduction! Everything Must Go!

Well, “massive” means I’m putting everything back at a 40% markup after having concluded that the advice to raise this was not so good for my situation. Need whatever cash I can get and can’t sit around trying to be exclusive. I’ve gone through the things people seem to like the best and lowered them, but I can’t go through the whole damned bunch of everything so if there is something you want that I neglected to change, just bmail me and let me know.

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