im so freakin happy ryte now:)
tmr is 5th month me n aween tgether:)
[this bloggio is for tmr:)i wrote it for tmr miamour:)i mean 15/8/2007]
5months n im not even bored with him.gettin stronger n bigger each day:) lucky to hve you popo:)ur my rainbow that colours upp my dull life:)
i still remember when we were friends.ur always there for me.always there to hear me babbling.tanxx.appreciate it alottt:)
n now,having u by myside is like standing in heaven:)
ur so sweet.u would do anything just to see me smiling n laughing.
u’ll get madd when i dowan to u said its not d real me.
n remember when theres no food at my house?
after popo soshen,po staright away datang to my house n bring ny favv nasik:)
nasik kayu=rice+chicken+kwah itam:) nyummy:)
n do u still remember when dekat parade.i was kinda not in a muwd n u bott me moo2 for me?popo so mean dat time u said “do u want it or not?”
i said yes n tbe2 u ilang n g caunter n beli it for me:)
n remember wak2 u keje at bash n u said that po datang after keja?
u said that u naek cab.but u walked frm taipan to my hse.n po sungguh n sangat basah cz it was raining.
seee..ur so sweet.ur everything that i wanted:)
tanxx for luvvivin me for this past 5 months 11 days:)
hope popo read this:)
love u to bitsss:)

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