Beauty Point, Australia

a woman … . of worth , or not , it is my perspective that is important , but I know this to be an untruth

a blast from the past.

cherryripepieeyedboy , has broken collar bone , emergancy , sent him home with further probs , not diagnosed , and upon re presenting denied further issues, his gp organised second opinon , is now recouperating from operation to insert a pin , this took place yesturday. His younger brother was out of actrion last summer with a broken arm , his turn this summer , how sad for a little man to miss a summer.

Me, I am off to hobart , to see upmarket musician , hopefully take photos of hobart family in botanic gardens , and onto a 3 day , singular holiday joornt , by the sea. Will have new laptop , and proper photographic programs , dog and goodtimeken. The sound backdrop for me atthismomentintime is rage , with susie quatro , doing the intros , back to the past , a teenager , ice rink , and speed skating .

Cancer (June 22-July 22)This weekend your focus should be on starting a new project and letting an old one go. You need a change in order to get things moving in your life. While the prospect of a new start may seem frightening at this time, once you put things into action you will see opportunities open up for you. Keep in mind that you can remake yourself into whatever you want. Remember, this can be a trying time, so do not become discouraged before you get started. Energy you put forth at this time will continue to return to you, so put out what you want in return. Joy and excitement are waiting, all you have to do is take action to get things moving

Oh yes, and I just recieved , my lastbornz christmas present . in post , from the bigbubble, bigger than I thought it would be , a life size photograph of harry’s trumpet , straight to the ladies bathroom , with that one.

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