I have just come back from the doctors and all is well apparently which is a relief, right now the last thing I want is to ill, I am barely coping with the loss of my dog – the reason is that so much of my life revolved around him, I see him everywhere, expect him to come running down the hall, to start barking because he’s been outside too long, that beautiful face looking up at me with such intoxicating love. Anyway, as it goes, everything, everyone, everywhere, ends, I am contemplating death, I am not suicidal, death in the abstract sense, our collective mortality. To accept is to let go, and why hold on to something that is given. Lennin let go with grace, breathed a sigh of relief and left this world – he is so much happier, his spirit is free, yet I as a human still feel the loss, a great ocean of emptiness inside!

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